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June and July 2020 Wrap-Up!

Photo by Lacie Slezak on Unsplash
Well, it’s been a little bit, hasn’t it? It’s amazing how fast time has been flying by in 2020. I guess that’s what happens when you’re trying to stay inside most of the time! Also, the fact that I hadn’t blogged in a while (which I will explain why below and is obviously why this is a June and July wrap-up), made me realize that if I don’t keep track of what I’ve been doing monthly, I tend to forget! This is what happens when you’re in the house all the time. Cabin fever and just plain ol’ delirium! 2020 is like a hurricane but you’re always stuck in the eye of the storm. No end or escape in sight! But after doing a bit of a think, I realized that things did actually happen to me this June and July. Here’s what I’ve been up to these past couple of months! (Literally! It’s been a while! I’ve missed you, friends!)

If you haven’t caught up with what I was up to last month, check out my May wrap-up post here!

What I’ve Been Doing in June- and er, July, too

The Black Lives Matter movement. I know I’m starting on a serious note, but how can I not mention this? This was single-handedly one of the most important things that has happened in our current history, let alone what happened in June of 2020. I just hate that it had to take the (recorded) death of a Black man, George Floyd, to make a movement happen (plus the deaths of other Black men, like Ahmaud Arbery, and women, such as Breonna Taylor, some of their deaths were recorded and shared, some were not. But thankfully lots of stories are now being told regardless of recorded “proof.”). I am embarrassed and ashamed to say that I was ignorant of so many of the things that were happening in our country to Black people and People of Color. But my eyes and ears and heart are now open and I am ready to learn and help with the change. I’ve been reading lots and reflecting as well about my own subconscious biases that I didn’t even know I had (but sadly, realized I did).  All of this to learn something we all should have known for years and years. That I should have known about but was too privileged and too blind to see.

I am not in any way trying to make this movement or this hurt, pain, anger, and history of Black people and POC about me, a white woman, by writing this, but am just trying to explain how this movement has impacted me, and how I am trying to change, learn, and help. I hope I can do my part as an ally now and in the future. Things have to change and with the help of everyone, I’m sure it can. Because it has to.

Here are some links to organizations and resources and books so you can learn more about this movement and help:

Organizations and Resources:


*These are just the ones I've read (so far) but I highly recommend!

Photo by Obi Onyeador on Unsplash
My laptop betrayed me. But it’s better now. Sort of. As you all may know, it’s kind of hard to blog without a computer. Sure you can try to write on your phone, but to me, nothing beats the clickety-clack of a keyboard to write up my (very strange) thoughts and feelings. So when my laptop started to make a very worrying whirring noise, my heart sank. Don’t fail me now, old girl! But oh, it did. My laptop fan was going off like crazy, and I kept getting sort of suspicious, not quite official-looking pop-ups on my computer saying I needed a new battery. After waiting eight (eight!) days to get an appointment with the Geek Squad at Best Buy, they just listened to me and said, “yup, you probably need a new battery. But we don’t carry your laptop model’s battery so you’ll have to find it from a third party seller on Amazon. Good luck!” Did I ever mention I am not tech-savvy at all? So I bought a new battery, borrowed a set of tiny tools to open up the back of my computer to expose it’s innards (terrifying, by the way. It’s like cracking open C-3PO), and had my dad help me replace the battery (because I was afraid to touch anything because I am convinced I will touch one wire, I will destroy everything). And guess what: My fan is still going off! Sigh. But I’m back to blogging, and honestly, when the fan starts to whir and I feel like my laptop is about to shoot off like a helicopter, I just close my laptop and take a break. Which, in a way, is so kind of my computer to make me take screen breaks. So thoughtful!

I dog-sat over the 4th of July and now I hate fireworks almost as much as pets do. I actually dog-sat twice for two different families, once in June, and the other over the 4th of July. Both times were fun because a) I got to earn some extra money, b) I got to have a different house all to myself (plus, the families keep their A/C temp even lower than my house does so I was always cool and comfortable), c) streaming services and cable! But I now do not like fireworks. At all. I used to think they were fun, but I am a changed woman now. One of the dogs I looked after over the Fourth is a bit anxious, and fireworks definitely make her very anxious (I could relate!). So to get through the night, I had to give her a pill (in a spoonful of peanut butter. So cute). But guess what: the people in my state don’t just set off fireworks on the Fourth. They set them off before the Fourth and after the Fourth. Which means this poor dog, despite the pills I gave her, had three sleepless, nervous, and anxiety-filled nights, which meant I didn’t get any sleep either! Mostly because I was worried about her and following her around the house because she was wandering and anxious, and also because I was silently cursing whoever was setting off poppers at one in the morning. I felt like I needed one of the dog’s pills to get through the nights! So while it was fun to get away and keep company with some furry canines, I am now a sparklers only girl. Pretty and fun, but they don’t make any alarming, loud noises.

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash
I know my cat loves me, she just doesn’t want to show it. Little Miss Margot is not so little anymore! (Not just in growing up, but she seems to get fluffier each month. I have no idea how. It’s not even that humid out! I feel like her tail has literally become a feather duster. Now, if only she'd actually help me dust...) She is also Little Miss Independent, meaning she knows what she wants and is out to get it aka she doesn’t really cuddle with me. I know she loves me, but she’s such a social butterfly and loves to be around my family, that I kind of wish she was a bit more Little Miss Dependent. Ah well. I still love that floofball. My sister and I have decided she might be part Wookiee, as her coloring is very similar, she’s loyal, and she is quite vocal when she wants to be. I also found the cutest cat play structure for her. It has a cubed hiding area, where you can sit on top (but she likes to lurk inside), and it also has a tunnel attached. This cat loooooves her tunnels! I put her other tunnel in front of the new tunnel (double tunnel!) and she’ll just race through. Best $10+ I’ve ever spent! I swear, if she ever goes missing, we’ll find her in the sewer system, just zipping through the tunnels. Oh god, her long fur would be so disgusting and sludgy! 

Queen Margot on her new jungle play structure. Photo by That Weird Girl Life
It’s too hot to function out. I also think the world may be on fire. If you didn’t know, I live in what is technically the desert, but where some stupid people decided to settle and build tons of ranch style homes because air-conditioning was invented (why couldn’t we have just left this lovely desert alone?). Anyway, the temperature has now hit the triple digits and it is just delightful (not). I’m pretty pale but can tan easily, and just by driving in the car, I have a pretty good tan. Just from being in the car! The heat is nauseating and I always forget how awful it is in the summertime here (when you finally get into winter here, it’s sort of like a woman forgetting how painful childbirth is, until she is ready to go into labor, but for us, it’s when summer is about to appear), but mixed with quarantine and having to stay at home, it just makes leaving the house or going out seem like a punishment. And I’m so sick of staying at home! I literally cannot wait for fall! (Which technically is our winter, because it really doesn’t start to cool off until November. Also, sorry for the rant. I just needed to rant about the weather. It really is horrendous out. This is why I dream of living in London.)

I’m getting rid of stuff and it feels so good! In case you missed it, I finally dove into the minimalism/declutter pool and cleaned out my DVD collection and wrote a blog post about it! Now I’m off to sorting through my books and other random things ( closet! Cue the Psycho theme music!). So look out for future blog posts of my further minimalism adventures! Because I’m going to find a lot of...odd items. Because I’m an odd girl. And proud of it!

Getting back into the blogging game...somewhat. After my laptop debacle, I’m slowly getting back into the blogging game. So if you’ve commented and I haven’t commented back, I’m sorry and I swear I’ll get back to you! I’m also so behind on commenting on other people’s blogs, scheduling my tweets, making pins...Eek! Not to mention actually writing these damn blog posts as well (which should be the main focus, but all of the other things that come with blogging sometimes get in the way!). But I’m working on it (at my own pace) and hopefully I’ll get back into a good blogging space. Also, I rejoined the Amazon Affiliate program, so fingers crossed that I can make a commission or two and finally start earning money from this blog! (You know, since I can’t get my AdSense payout till I reach $100 and I’m only at $12. Don’t be jealous that I’m so successful. After five years of blogging, you can finally earn $12 you can’t have yet too! I’m such an inspiration!) You will know what posts have them because I put a disclaimer at the top (because I’m very honest), and also I mention that those links are Very Special Links and marked as so. So if you want to support my blog and actually want to buy one of the products I list, go for it! But no pressure at all! Seriously.

I finally got my very first official blog header! After wanting a custom one for literally years! Thanks to Cassie aka Zombie Goddess Beauty, she made me the most beautiful blog header in the world! It came out a million times better than I could have ever imagined. If you want a custom header or any other digital art (she is so talented and can make so many different things for your blog or social media account) you can check out her shop and soon her website! (I will have more of her info in my About Me page.) Seriously, she was so patient with me and gave me exactly, and more, of what I wanted! I’ve always thought of Russian nesting doll as my official symbol/mascot of my blog, and now it’s finally a reality! Yay!! Should I name her? If so, leave suggestions in the comments!

Isn't she so sweet and adorable?? All credits go to Cassie at Zombie Goddess Beauty for making my little cutie!
Is it just me or is the Eurovision movie kind of amazing? Okay, I know this sounds weird, but probably like most of you, I had zero hopes for this movie. I was just curious because I had heard about the Eurovision song contest and wanted to see what Will Ferrell’s take on it would be. And surprisingly, I loved it. I’ve literally watched it three times and I had to show it to my family and forced my sister and brother-in-law to watch it as well. Who would have thought a Will Ferrell movie about the Eurovision song contest would be so enjoyable, funny, and yet so emotional? Plus, the songs in it are actually really good and I want Ja Ja Ding Dong (even though it’s totally dirty) to be played at my wedding reception. Plus, I loved seeing Dan Stevens aka Matthew from Downton Abbey as a Russian pop star who’s actually not the villain in the movie? So good! It’s not a perfect movie, but I think it’s the movie we needed during these hard times. (Also, Rachel McAdams as Sigrit was so adorable. And I think Sigrit is a style icon on par with Luna Lovegood!)

Blog Posts I Wrote These Past Two Months (aka Not a Lot):

Let’s Start Getting Rid of Things (Movies Edition)
Ethique Heali Kiwi Shampoo Bar Review- Is It Worth the Price?
And this post that you’re reading now!

And that was my very odd June and July 2020! Sorry this post ran a bit long, but I had to update you all on what I’ve been up to! (And rant a little bit. Again, sorry about that) And you know what, I didn’t keep track of how many books I read these past few months! How crazy is that? But how was your June and July? What were you up to? Are you surviving the heat, if it’s hot where you are? Tell me what you’ve been up to and what you thought of my June and July! (And also what you thought of the Eurovision Song Contest movie and some name suggestions for my Russian nesting doll blog mascot!) I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy!

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10 comments on "June and July 2020 Wrap-Up!"
  1. Omg no joke my computer's been doing the same thing for months. I haven't done anything (woops) but so far it's fine (except for the loud fan.) Yeah I should get it looked at but it's not all the time so I don't think about it until it does it.

    And I despise fireworks since having Luna. Our last dog was pretty immune to loud noises but she hates them so I do too. Everyone is the same around here, setting them off whenever 🙄

    I'm such a warm weather person but it's been so consistently hot I can't wait for cooler weather to wear sweatpants, but with all the craft shows I go to canceled this fall, I'd rather stay in summer 🙁

    It's been so meh and with all these people not giving a shit, makes it even worse.

    But I hope August is good to you Emily 🙂

    1. Has it really been like that?? Okay, I'm glad my laptop isn't the only one doing that! I was terrified I would have to replace it, but it seems to be holding together for now (fingers crossed). I hope yours is fine and is just noisy. Maybe it means we're just working too hard on them! ;)

      Oh no, poor Luna! How awful! I wish people would really give fireworks a break on the 4th of July. Our cats just hide usually when they go off, but I know dogs can take it a lot worse. :(

      I'd be a warm weather person if I didn't live in the desert, so I totally get how you feel! And that's too bad! A craft show sounds so cozy in the fall, but everything around here will be canceled too. Or not. It can be a bit lawless in my area...ahem.

      I feel you! I wish people would take it more seriously. I've heard soooo many people just call it a "bad flu..."

      Thank you so much, Meagan! I hope you have a good August too! <3 Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post AND comment!

  2. I can see that you have very interesting June and July. Your cat is so cute.

    New Post -

    1. Aw thank you! It was pretty interesting and thankfully some of it was fun! And you're so sweet! I think she's pretty cute too ;)

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! <3

  3. Nice post! Eurovision movie is amazing, I couldn't agree with you more :)

    1. Hi there and thank you! Yay! I'm glad to meet another Eurovision movie fan! I loved it so much! Now I really want to go to Iceland, haha.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! <3

  4. Welcome back to the blogging life! I love your banner! I have about $12 from Google adsense too...I'm pretty sure that means we're rich and totally better than everyone else *flips hair* lol. Loved reading your wrap ups. Hoping for great things in August!


    1. Thank you so much, Deandra! I wish sometimes that blogging came easily to me, but sometimes it doesn't! And thank you! I've never had an "official" blog banner before, so I feel VERY professional now, haha. Haha, good for you! You'll be on your way to cashing out at $100 in no time! :P Probably much faster than me! And thank you for saying that! You're too sweet and amazing! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and comment! <3 <3 <3

  5. I'm forgetting what I've done or what I've been doing too! Is that because we're staying indoors all the time now? I find it funny how we've both looked back at our days and realized we did something after all. I'm sorry it's so hot where you are! Being from tropical Singapore, I know how it feels to deal with heat, but even then, Singapore doesn't get as hot as the desert! November will be here soon though. :) This year has passed so quickly.

    Margot is so beautiful! She reminds me of my cat Paige, who's also very independent. With kittens, you just don't know how their personality will turn out. But we've observed Paige becoming more affectionate lately, she's 7 years old now. So Margot may become Little Miss Dependent one day after all!

    I love what you wrote about the Black Lives Movement. You're a good person, Emily. :)

    I turned on auto-ads on google some time ago... It felt like selling my soul to the devil (google), because I'm allowing them to decide where they want to place ads... I don't really like it but it helps with my adsense earning. Maybe you can consider that too.

    I enjoyed reading your wrap up once again!

    Julie |

    1. Hi Julie! I'm glad it's not just me! I know that I've been doing things in quarantine, I just can't remember them. Maybe because they're not that memorable, haha? But like you, looking back, I do realize I've done a FEW things! Oh that's okay! I'm used to a dry heat, so I don't know how I'd do in Singapore! I remember I almost melted when I first felt Florida's humidity lol. You're right though, November will be here soon! Hopefully faster than we expect!

      Aww thank you! I think she's beautiful too! And the more she ignores me, the more I want to cuddle her, haha. That's good to know! I'm glad Paige is more affectionate now. That gives me some hope about Margot!

      Thanks, Julie. I'm trying and learning, and I think that's the most important thing I can do at the moment :)

      Ooh that's a good idea! I'm so not tech-savvy that I'm not sure how to do that, but I could attempt to! And if it earns you a little extra money and doesn't disturb your reader's experience, then why not? That's what I think, anyway. I don't mind ads, but I mind them if they ruin my reading experience on blogs!

      And thank you, Julie! You're so sweet and supportive and I really appreciate you! <3


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