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The Real Neat Blogger Award

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If you didn’t know, I have been nominated for a few blogger awards in my time (just a little humble brag, no big deal), and now I’ve been nominated for the Real Neat Blogger Award- three times by three different fantastic bloggers! At first, I thought I would just do the first one I was nominated for, but not the others. Then I thought, "everyone was so nice and generous to think of me and my little ol’ blog when they were nominating people, so why not just join all three nominations into one giant blogger award tag??" So prepare yourselves, because I am going to be answering 21 questions from three wonderful bloggers who nominated me (7 questions from each!). Am I super excited and ready to do this? Heck yes! Are you ready for this? Well, you’re going to have to be. Here we go!

Thank you so much to Julie at Dark Blue Journal, Amy from ABC Family, and Jordanne over at Of A Glasgow Girl for nominating me! You three are amazing and I’m so honored and humbled that you thought of me when picking out people to nominate for this blogger award! And if you haven’t checked these lovely bloggers and their blogs out yet, please do because I promise you’ll love them! Don’t forget to subscribe to them, too. Trust me, you’ll be glad you did!

If you haven’t read my previous blog post where I was nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award, you can read it here!

The Rules:
  • Display the award logo.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and post a link to their blog.
  • Answer the questions from the blog who nominated you.
  • Nominate seven to ten bloggers.
  • Ask them seven questions.
Julie’s Questions:

1. What does freedom mean to you?
Freedom for me means having the choice to live my life the way I want to, and have others live their lives in their own way, too. Of course, this gets tricky here in America, where everyone has their own idea of “freedom” (‘Merica!!!), but I am personally okay with living a life that does not hurt yourself or others.

2. How do you handle mistakes?
Honestly, not well! I tend to take them to heart and quite personally, too. It’s something I need to work on because mistakes don’t define us but we can learn from them. (Now I just have to drill that into my brain for the next time I make a mistake so I won’t get so upset over it!)

3. What’s your favorite food or drink to make/bake/cook?
I don’t really really cook, but I love to bake! Especially if it’s a very easy recipe (aka from a mix!). My favorite thing to make is chocolate chip cookies, because they’re pretty easy to make, plus they just taste delicious if they’re fresh and (somewhat) homemade!

4. What is your typical attire?
Shirt, jeans, flats. I have a very simple style: comfortable and cute! And hopefully a little quirky, just to be fun.

5. How do you behave in a situation in which being real and being kind are on different sides? Looking for some tips!
Ooh, this is a tough one! And one I’m currently working on. I tend to choose being kind over being real, because that’s how I am naturally, and I never want to upset anyone. But I know you can say what you want but still not be rude or mean. I just have not succeeded in doing that yet! But I’m working on it! One day...

6. What bothers you most about the world?
The unfairness of it really gets to me sometimes. The fact that some people have so much, and others so little. That some people are suffering and others are not. I’m not here to dole out what is fair or not, but I just wish more people who are doing well could take some of their “luck” or good circumstances to help those who may not have had that opportunity in life. If we could just balance out that “unfairness,” I think the world would be a much better place.

7. What do you love most about the world?
The random acts of kindness that happen everyday. The thoughtfulness that can happen unexpectedly to brighten someone’s day. I think we’re all too wrapped up in our own little worlds, so when someone is kind or generous, it can really make someone’s day turn from awful to wonderful. We all need to think less about ourselves and spread a little more kindness towards others in life and vice versa!

ABC Family’s Questions:

1. It’s a classic, but it has to be asked… Who are your 5 dream dinner party guests?
Okay, this is a big question and I really need to consider all of my options, living and dead. Okay, I think I have it: #1: Abraham Lincoln, everyone’s favorite American president. #2: John Lennon, because obviously. #3: Julie Andrews, because she is just perfection personified. #4: Domhnall Gleeson, because I have a big crush on him and this could be our moment, and #5: Conan O’Brien, because I love that guy and I’m Team Coco all the way (plus, I’d love to see him chat with Lincoln, John Lennon, Julie Andrews, and Domhnall Gleeson!).

2. If you could go back and live in any decade, what one would it be?
Ooh, this is a good question! I absolutely adore the 1920’s. I love the fashion, the lifestyle, the music, the fads. It just seems like such a fun time to be alive that I’d love to experience that jazzy time (before you know, the Great Depression). But there are so many other time periods I’d love to visit! Can time travel be a thing already???

3. If somebody gave you £100 right now to treat yourself with, what would you buy?
Honestly, I might put it towards whitening my teeth! I know that’s such a random thing to say, but I’ve never liked my smile, and I’d just love to get my teeth whitened and smile showing my teeth for once and not be embarrassed about it. But I’d totally go for a natural white shade, not, you know, blinding coming-down-from-heaven-white, don’t worry.

4. Where would you love to wake up on your next birthday?
London! End of question, story, period. That’s where I want to wake up on my next birthday. Let’s make that happen!

5. What piece of advice would you give to your 10 year old self?
This is a tough one! I think I would tell her: “Stand up for yourself and be honest. Things might get hard, but believe in yourself. It’s all going to be okay.” But would my 10 year old self listen to now me? Probably not.

6. What makes you panic if you leave the house without it?
Unfortunately, my phone! Not because I’m panicking that I’m away from social media, but I’m always just worried that something is going to happen, car breaking down, getting in an accident, etc.  and I always just like to know I have my phone with me, just in case of emergencies. I’m a worry wart!

7. If you could design and build your own home, what 3 things would it NEED to have?
1) A secret passageway, possibly with the door being a bookcase that swings open (obviously).
2) A library to sit and read in with the perfect reading nook (of course).
3) The coziest, homiest bedroom with the softest, comfiest bed that I can sleep and read in, and feel safe and secure in my own little haven (goes without saying).

Jordanne’s Questions:

1. Why did you start blogging?
I actually first started blogging to talk about mental health anonymously. I never did, but then I changed my idea to a bucket list blog. Then I switched my focus again to travel. And now here I am, just talking about my life, mental health (hey, I’m actually blogging about it!), and whatever else pops in my mind! Isn’t life weird that way?

2. What's your favourite social media platform?
I think I like Instagram more than any other. Sometimes it’s just nice to see a snapshot of someone’s day with a nice caption underneath. Also, it’s not as chaotic as Twitter, where someone is always saying something and everything is going a mile a minute. Instagram is Twitter’s more chill, relaxed, visual social media app.

3. If you could go anywhere in the world RIGHT NOW, where would you go and why?
London. Always London. If I ever say any other place than London (besides like Hawaii or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter) something is not right and please call for help. Thanks.

4. What's your favourite memory from school?
I’ve always loved Valentine’s Day at school! We would all make our own mailboxes out of tissue boxes, decorate them in red, pink, and white construction paper, and then finally get to deliver our Valentines to everyone. The best part of the day was finally opening up our mailboxes and seeing what kind of Valentines (and candies!) we got from who!

5. Which of your blog posts to date is your favourite?
This is a tough one! There are a lot of blog posts that are really personal and special to me. I think the one I’m really proud of is “A Letter to My Younger Self About Mental Health.” I wrote it right after an EMDR therapy session and it just felt like I needed to get all of these things I had processed off of my chest. It was so therapeutic to write and really meaningful to share it and have other people read it and possibly relate to it as well.

6. If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
A cat. Because I basically am one already. I’m pretty independent, but I can be needy. I like attention and affection, but only when I want it, and I love to nap at any time of day.

7. What is a random fact about yourself?
I can crack most of my joints (aka my back, neck, toes, fingers, etc.)- a lot. Most people hate it when I do it, especially my family. They get so grossed out by it! But it just feels so good and sometimes my joints crack on my own, so it’s not like I can help it! I should probably be a foley artist for horror movies, making the sounds for when ghosts crawl up and they start making those loud cracking noises as they inch over all creepy-like. I’d be good at that! New career, maybe??

I Nominate:

Meagan from Quibbles & Scribbles
Camila from Plaid and Sugar
Ash from This Dreams Alive
Cassie from Zombie Goddess Beauty
Deandra from The Black Princess Diaries
Amy from Sassy Cat Lady
Renata Leo from Buffalo Sauce Everywhere

(And like always to those I nominate, if blogging awards aren’t your thing or if you’ve done this one already, I apologize- I try to do my research, I swear! Just know that I nominated you all because I think you’re fabulous and wanted to share your blogs with the world!)

My Questions:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world (besides the place you’re currently living), where would you live?
2. What’s a guilty pleasure movie/show/book/food/activity you like to indulge in?
3. What’s a cause that you are passionate about?
4. What’s something about blogging that annoys you?
5. If your life had a theme song, what song would it be?
6. Do you believe in ghosts, and if so, have you ever seen one?
7. What does your perfect day off look like?

And that was my Real Neat Blogger Award- times three! I’m always so honored when I get nominated for one of these awards/tags! I hope you all were able to bear with my answers to 21 different and interesting questions! What do you think of these blogger awards? Are you a fan or no? Let me know in the comments! I’d love to hear your thoughts on the subject!

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12 comments on "The Real Neat Blogger Award"
  1. Hello real neat blogger!:) Thanks for answering my questions. We're similar in the way we deal with mistakes, and I too get very bothered by unfairness in this world. It's interesting how people are the common thing in what bothers you most and what you love most about the world. But I totally understand that.

    It's nice to see a fellow cat. I always tell people I'm a cat too. I'm jumpy when there's loud noises, I like my space and tend to get uncomfortable when someone gets near, but that's not to say I don't like people!

    I love the things you'll built into a house! I used to want a library too. These days I just want to live near one.

    Conan is such a great pick for a guest, I always enjoy watching his interaction with people. So genuine and funny. He's probably the only one comedian I'd feel "safer" talking to. :p
    And I can totally see you in 1920s style.
    I love reading your answers to all 21 questions!

    1. Hi there, Julie! Thank you so much for nominating me for this award! I'm so honored! <3 And of course! I loved answering your questions! People seems to be my love/hate relationship with the world, haha. They can be so nice and so awful at times. And I'm sort of glad I'm not the only one who doesn't deal with mistakes well. I guess I just take them so personally!

      Oh, we're both definitely cats! Exactly! We just like to have the OPTION to be around people, not be forced into it. And I'm sure people are always VERY honored when we want to be around certain people ;)

      I think almost everyone should have a library in their house! I mean, if they love books and love to read, of course. I know some people don't, which just baffles me. Same here! I wish I had one near walking distance so I'd never run out of things to read!

      Haha, thank you! I feel like he'd hold the dinner party together if there was ever a lull! Same here! He seems like such a genuine, funny guy. Plus he never fails to make me laugh whenever I watch his show clips on YouTube! And you would of course be invited to the imaginary party too, if you would like to come ;)

      Haha, thank you! I've never dressed up in a 20's style, but I always thought it would be fun! And thanks! I had so much fun answering all of the questions! Thank you again for the nomination, reading, and commenting! You're such an MVP! <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Sherry!! I had so much fun writing it!! :)

  3. Ah well done on your award! I would love to wake up in London for a birthday, I've never spent my birthday anywhere other than home which is so boring haha xo

    Makeup Muddle

    1. Aww thank you so much!! I had so much fun doing it! Being in London for a birthay would be so amazing! I hope we can both spend our birthdays there one day! :)

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!! xoxo

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination! I loved reading your answers and I take mistakes personally too. I hate it, but hopefully one day I learn to just let them go because we all make mistakes. Can't wait to answer your questions!

    1. You're so welcome, Deandra!! You were one of the first people I thought of once I was thinking of people to nominate :) Aww thank you! And I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels that way. I'm still learning how to let things go after I make a mistake, but it's a tough feeling to shake! Hopefully we'll both learn how to move past them and not take them as seriously! Thank you so much for reading and commenting AND doing the tag! You're amazing! xoxo

  5. Thanks for the nomination Emily! I'm excited to answer your questions :)

    I loved Valentine's Day in school too. I remember making the fancy boxes for everyone to drop their Valentine's in and hoping the guy I had a crush on (for three years, yeesh) would give me one of those that are extra mushy. I'm pretty sure he hated that I had a crush on him. He turned out to be a shitty person any way.

    Also, my sister can crack all her joints too and, like your family, I also hate it :)

    1. Hi Meagan! You're so welcome! Sorry it took me so long to reply to your comment, but I absolutely LOVED reading your post about your nomination! Your answers were so much fun to read!

      Did you really? Yay! I'm glad I'm not the only kid who loved it too! How rude! That guys should have known how lucky he was to be the object of your affection! I'm sure he regrets it now and is probably a loser now anyway. Screw him! :P

      Hahaha! I'm sorry that bothers you! It really annoys my family. I don't do it for anyone else because I don't want to gross out anyone, but my family is an exception. By being my family, I kind of HAVE to gross them out. Isn't that kind of the rule? ;)

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting AND doing the nomination post on your blog!! <3 <3 <3

  6. Thank you so much for nominating me! I am working on a return post that will be up soon - with everything going on I've been a bit rubbish with timekeeping! But thank you so much :)
    Amy |

    1. Hi Amy! You're so welcome!! You were one of the first people I thought of when I was thinking of people to nominate :) And no worries! Take your time and just know that when you do get around to writing/posting it, just know that I'll be eager to read your post! <3


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