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March 2020 Wrap-Up!

Photo by Ella Jardim on Unsplash
Remember how I said that February wasn’t my best month? Hahahahahahaha, oh March, you really stole the show! I think it’s fair to say that March has been a terrible month for everyone, not just for me. It’s times like these that really make you see who people truly are (that survival mode for some people does not include anyone but yourself! But seriously, do you really need all the toilet paper?) and if they really think their freedom means more than people who are vulnerable (it does not. So stay at home, people! Please! If you can, stay. At. HOME!). But apart from that, March has been an okay, but scary time. It started out pretty good, and then slowly got more and more...intense. All of the things I wanted to do this month (that take place out of the house, that is) have been cancelled or pushed way into the future, so now I’m going to have to make some new plans that just take place at home (don’t worry, I have some tricks up my sleeve for me and for this blog!). But for now, here is what I’ve been up to during this crazy month of March! (Did any of us seriously think 2020 was going to be this batsh*t?? Because I certainly didn’t!)

If you haven’t caught up with what I was up to last month, read my March 2020 post here!

What I’ve Been Doing In March:

Coronavirus/COVID-19 is scary but actually the people buying all the toilet paper from stores are so much more scary! Well, 2020 took a turn! I already wrote a post about how the virus has affected me and my mental health (which you can read here, but it’s also linked down below), and despite everything, I’m not going to let it infiltrate my blog and cast a shadow over it. Real life is scary enough already without it taking over something that brings me so much joy and distraction (and hopefully for the people who read this blog too!). So my blog will still be staying the same and not focusing on this virus. Also, can people stop panic buying and hoarding? I understand that we’re all scared, but do you really need enough Purell to bathe in? (The answer is no, by the way!) Keep calm, help others, and stay home and stay safe, everyone. That’s all we can really do right now!

I’m kind of killing this self-quarantine/isolation thing! As a natural introvert, I think this is what I have been preparing for my entire life. Staying at home? Check. Canceling plans? Check. Not going out? Check. Binge-watching Netflix and YouTube? Check. Reading all the books? Check! I’m not really feeling any cabin fever yet, thanks to living with my family and having access to friends and family through texting, video chatting, and social media, and I have some plans for keeping busy at home with ideas for my blog (so get ready!). But the only thing I really want to go out for is fast food, of all the things. For some reason, I’m just craving it like crazy! It’s probably because I know I can’t go out and I know I shouldn’t eat food made by people who may be carriers, but an Impossible Whopper from Burger King sounds so, so good right now! You always want what you can’t (and know you shouldn’t) have!

I filed my taxes! Yay I'm a good American but I hate losing my money! What’s even more ironic, is that in the U.S. the tax deadline has been moved to a later date, so people can have more time to file during this crisis. Guess who filed before this new rule came into play? This patriotic American! Oh well.

I survived my dentist appointment! This happened March 1st, before all of this hullabaloo went down, but I made it through! If you didn’t know (and how would you?), I’m terrified of the dentist. I don’t have the best teeth, despite trying my best to take good care of them (seriously, I do!), and yet I always need work done on them (I blame genetics!). But I got a clean bill of health when I went, plus I faced my fears! And I only have to wait six more months to do it again. Who says I don’t face my anxiety?? I do it at least twice a year!

I read seven books this month! You’d think that I would have read more books this month, what with trying to stay home, and all, but you know what really was a hindrance to my reading? The fact that my local library closed! For obvious reasons, it shut its doors because of the virus, but that means no new books for me. Sad! But that just makes me realize that this is a good opportunity to work on all of my TBR books that I have piled up in my room. Some of those poor books have spent years on my shelves not being read! So, whenever I need a book to read, I know that I have plenty of choices to pick from. They just may not be as shiny and tempting as a library book may be. Sigh.

I tried a shampoo bar for the first time! Shout out to Julie for helping inspire me to be more eco-conscious and sustainable. If you don’t know who Julie is, she runs the blog Dark Blue Journal and she is an expert on sustainability and has really opened my eyes to trying to be more eco-conscious. So when my shampoo was running low, I started doing some research on some shampoo and no plastic alternatives and discovered the world of shampoo bars! Less plastic, hurray!! After doing a lot of research on what should and shouldn’t go into shampoos (thanks again to Julie for teaching me about sulfates!) and then seriously gasping at the prices of shampoo bars (I know they have natural ingredients and are supposed to last longer than bottles of shampoo but still! My jaw has dropped multiple times while I was online looking at different ones that I thought my mouth would never be able to close again!). But I found a shampoo bar at a somewhat decent price (compared to the others!) from Love, Beauty, and Planet (which they sell at my local Target, so score!) and it’s the Murumuru butter and rose shampoo bar. I actually really love it! I’m not the biggest fan of rose scent, but this is so mild and it makes my hair feel so soft. I don’t even need a conditioner with it! I’m letting my hair get used to the new shampoo bar, so I’m washing my hair every other day and it doesn’t even feel greasy on the second day like it did with my old shampoo! The only issue I have is that I tend to get an itchy flaky scalp at times (I know, TMI, but it’s my blog, I can write about my dandruff if I want to!), so I may need a shampoo bar that helps with that someday. So if anyone has any ideas of shampoo bars that treat dandruff and that don’t cost an arm and a leg, please let me know!

Photo by That Weird Girl Life
Photo by That Weird Girl Life
Margot the kitten is so sweet but also growing like a weed! You seriously didn’t think I wouldn’t give you an update on my kitten in this blog post? You fools! Even though I brush her every night (it’s our little nightly routine), she still looks like a ruffled werecat. Plus, she had her first vet visit (with me. She’s already been treated before with her foster mom, don’t worry!) and she was so brave and got two shots and was microchipped! If you haven’t noticed, one of her eyes is pretty cloudy, and they think it’s permanently scarred, but I don’t mind, because I think she’s just beautiful and perfect as is (and if you don’t agree with me...well, then too bad!) She’ll have to go back in three weeks for an extra booster shot, since she still is pretty wheezy from the upper respiratory infection her foster mom treated her for when she first got her. The vet also thinks she may have some scarring in her lungs from that too, but other than that she’s in perfect health! And the most exciting news: she’s almost six pounds! My big girl! Honestly, Margot has been so wonderful to have in this crazy time. She’s equal parts sweet, entertaining, silly, and cuddly and I’m so grateful to have her. Except that the vet wants me to get a stool sample from her, so here I am trying to see when she uses the litter box (we have several) but also trying to distinguish her poop from the other cats. Margot must be so weirded out that I’m following her to the litter box with a stool sample vial in one hand. And then that I'm disappointed when she comes out and she’s only peed. My life is very strange right now.

Margot the kitten, being so brave at the vet! Photo by That Weird Girl Life
In this crazy time, I’m reminded of the kind people there are out there! The other night, a dad and his daughter came knocking on our door. They were asking about an older lady that they had sold Girl Scout cookies to one year, and that the lady was so sweet, that they wanted to come by and offer some toilet paper and other items if she needed it. Obviously, that lady was my mom and I just thought the gesture was the sweetest thing ever. My mom bought cookies from the girl last year, and yet they remembered her and wanted to offer her help in any way that they could. (And obviously remembered our house because we have rocks painted like cats in our front yard. Because of course we do) And during this hectic time, that meant toilet paper and other household items. We don’t know exactly where in the neighborhood they live, but I hope that we can run into them soon and thank them again for their generosity and maybe offer them something if they need it. The world needs more random acts of kindness and I needed that reminder to reach out to others and spread that good with others. I hope I can follow their lead and offer to help someone else, just because!

Blog Posts I Wrote This Month:

The Real Neat Blogger Award
9 Ways to Get Back Into Reading and Find the Time to Read!
A Very Special Post On The Virus and This Blog
And this post you’re reading now!

I hope April is slightly less scary than March was, but you never really know. So I’m planning on keeping busy with my blog and trying to stay distracted and help others when I can. Sometimes if you don’t focus on yourself and your fear so much and on others instead, it can really do wonders, and I hope that will help me in these coming months. And I hope I can throw some fun into this whole self-quarantine/isolation situation and really think of some fun ideas for my blog! I mean, I certainly have the time, now don’t I? Maybe I’ll finally write five blog posts in April! Okay, let’s not go too crazy!

See you next month for my next wrap-up, everyone!

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12 comments on "March 2020 Wrap-Up!"
  1. It’s been quite the month (and year if we’re being honest lol).
    Also, I’m so happy you were able to get a cat! Margot is such a cutie!
    And I’m not sure if you’re into e-books or audiobooks but I use two apps called Hoopla and Libby where you can connect your library card and rent all sorts of books (and music + movies on the Hoopla one). It’s super cool!

    1. Oh gosh, has it been a MONTH! AND a year? And we're only like a quarter of the way in? lol! Aww thank you so much! Margot is so sweet and I'm so lucky to have her! I honestly couldn't have picked a better kitten (in my humble opinion!).
      OOh I LOVE Hoopla! I also use Overdrive and have heard of Libby but haven't used it yet. The only problem is is that I don't have an e-reader or tablet, so I have to use my phone if I want to read an ebook. Oh well. I love the movie/tv options on Hoopla though!

      Thank you so much for reading and your amazing comment! <3

  2. I can relate so much to plans/goals being pushed aside, but also to staying at home lol. Even though I'm still working, I just come home right after and stay there until I work again. Since I work in a grocery store, I hear and see it all. The worst is people buying alcohol because "there's nothing else to do." We don't want to be there, possibly getting sick because people can't stay home for more than three days. I see some people every day! Fortunately, at least where I work, we are getting bonuses.

    But I'm glad to hear you're doing well! That picture of Margot is so cute and I'm also glad to hear she's doing well.

    Even though things are changing, good luck with all your plans in April! And stay safe :) x

    1. Hi Meagan! Oh gosh, so you're literally on the front lines! You're really brave for going to work everyday and dealing with the craziness and the possibility of getting sick. I really appreciate you and your coworkers for helping out others. And I'm REALLY glad you're getting bonuses. They should definitely double your bonuses for all of the risk you're going through!! Do you want me to write to your boss? ;)

      Aw thank you! I'm glad I'm doing better too, haha. Thank you! I think she's pretty perfect and cute, so I'm glad someone else thinks she's cute too and I'm not not totally biased!

      Thank you so much, Meagan! Good luck to you and please stay safe! <3 <3 <3

  3. What a beautiful little girl Margot is! Well done for making it through your dentist appointment too - I'm not particularly fearful of the dentist but I still get ridiculously anxious whenever I go, always a relief that it's only every 2 years or so. Best of luck with your plans for April and stay safe :) x
    Amy |

    1. Hi Amy! Awww thank you so much! I think Margot is beautiful, so I'm glad someone else thinks so too ;) It means I'm not just blinded by my own bias, haha. And thank you! I'm happy I got through it. I don't think anyone likes going to the dentist! (And if they do, they must have perfect teeth!) Good luck to you with your April plans as well and stay safe yourself! It's a scary time right now, but I'm lucky we have the internet to keep us connected <3

  4. Not going to lie, I am thriving in all this time spent inside too! I feel like all the time I spent at uni with people all the time has led to a mcuh needed recharge. Your cat is so cute too!

    1. Oh that's great to hear! There has to be SOME good things that come out of having to stay at home nowadays ;) And thank you so much! I'm glad other people think so too, because I think she's pretty perfect <3

      Thank you so much for reading and your wonderful comment!! xoxo

  5. Quite a few books! And what a cute kitty! This is a good idea. And congrats on a great March in page views. Here to help kick off April for you. Take care and stay safe.

    1. Why, thank you! I felt like I didn't read that many books last month, but I'm going to give myself a break after all of this craziness! And thank you so much for saying that! I love her a lot and think she's pretty cute too ;) And thank you for saying that! I have NO idea where the views came from but I'm grateful. And I hope you stay safe as well! Thank you for your lovely comment!! <3

  6. Hi 5 to all us introverts being such natural superheroes when it comes to social distancing! I'm kind of enjoying my days too, except when I remember I'm unemployed and all. Haha! I wonder if I need to file my taxes! Guess it's something I have to find out. Margot is soooo pretty! Does her eye affect her movement?
    Oh I may venture into Target in search of the Shampoo bar too! Yes they are very expensive, which is why I'm "training" my hair to get used to regular soap bars. I'm cheap haha! They're not the best but with a lemon juice rinse they work fine. Still, I will check out the shampoo bar so thanks for writing about it!

    Talk about wanting what you can't have, I have so many cravings for Singaporean food AFTER I got back from there. It's so annoying! I even dream about it haha!

    Take care my dear friend. Thanks for the happy post.

    Julie |

    1. Hi Julie! Sorry it's taken me forever to reply to comments! It seems like quarantine is messing up my productivity ;P I'm kind of getting a little cabin fever at the moment though, despite the fact that I like introverting a lot, haha. I guess even introverts like to venture out occasionally! I remember that too, and that kind of brings my days down too, lol. The job market is super tough right now for obvious reasons, so I'm trying not to make myself feel too bad about it. Thankfully they extended the file time so you can figure out if you need to or not! Aww thank you! The doctor's say her cloudy eye does effect her sight a bit, but she seems to see just fine and plays like a regular kitten! She just sometimes doesn't catch movement as quickly as the other cats, so I'll have to call her name and make a bigger gesture for her to notice. It really doesn't seem to bother her, but the doctor just said to watch her eye, just in case it gets more cloudy. They think it was probably either caused by her upper respiratory infection she had when she was found or she had herpes :(

      If you do end up trying that shampoo bar, let me know what you think of it! Since I bought a new shampoo bar, I'm just using my old one as soap and it's really nice. It's a lot cheaper on Amazon than it is at Target, but then there's always shipping. Nothing wrong with being cheap! I'm that way too! And thank you for that lemon juice trick! I still need to try it out! I'm glad it's working for you!

      Oh no, I'm sorry! That must be horrible to dream about it and not be able to have it! Can you cook any of the dishes you crave? I'm a terrible cook, so if I crave something that I can't make, I'm screwed!

      Take care, too, Julie! Thank you so much for your wonderful comment (as always) and for reading. <3 <3 <3


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