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International U.K. Snacks Taste Test!

Oh goodness. The time has come. I’ve been waiting for this moment for, well, since the last time I did a taste test, which happens to be about almost 3 years ago! After I went to England in 2016, I brought back a bunch of British candy to try, and oh my was it a fun experience! (You can read about my previous British candy taste test here!) I love the UK, I love candy and chocolate, what could be better than this?? I’ve been wanting to do another taste test for a while, and I think now is the perfect time. With the generous donation from Paul on my Ko-fi (thank you, Paul! You’re the best!) and finding the incredible U.K. snack box from SnackCrate (not sponsored, but if they if they want to sponsor me… send me an e-mail, SnackCrate!), I now have a whole bunch of British snacks (well, they’re mostly candy) to try! While the SnackCrate U.K. box sent me lots of things I haven’t tasted yet, it did send me a few candy bars I have tried before (see above link if you want to read what I thought of them), so I’m excluding the Lion bar, Crunchie bar, Flake bar, Maltesers (soooo delicous! And they sell them in the US now!!), and Double Decker bar since I know what they taste like (but that’s not going to stop me from eating them despite not reviewing them).

And I know, it’s U.K. foods again, but c’mon, guys. You should know by now that I’m a die hard Anglophile so it’s totally obvious I’m going to review my favorite country/kingdom’s food. So don’t think this is the last time I’m doing a British food taste test! But if you have any ideas for other countries’ snacks, candies, or foods I should try, let me know in the comments!

Now, let’s try some British snacks!!!

*Fun Fact! You know what’s not a good idea to order in the middle of summer with triple digit heat? A snack box filled with mostly chocolate items! I completely forgot about that until my SnackCrate box arrived. Thank god for the fridge, but sadly most of the candy bars are no longer in their natural shape. Oh well. I’ll try to remember that for next time!*

Toffee Crisp

What Is It/What’s In It? A candy bar with toffee, crisped rice, and milk chocolate.
How Does It Taste? Suuuper toffee-ish! It almost tasted like it had some wafers in it, but that might have just been the crisped rice and the fact that it was such a thick candy bar. But it was incredibly sweet, and as much as I like chocolate, it was much too sweet and toffee tasting for me (I’m not really a toffee person, to be honest).
Would I Eat It Again? Most likely not. Sorry toffee fans! (More for you!)

Wham Original

What Is It/What’s In It? Raspberry flavor (or flavour, if you’re a Brit) chew bar with sour crystals
How Does It Taste? Hmm. It seems to be a raspberry flavored taffy, with some “sour crystals” thrown in occasionally. Not the best tasting taffy I’ve ever had, it’s even kind of weak in flavor and seems to have a rather chemically taste along with its raspberry taste and the crystals don’t really add much. I think I’ll stick with my Laffy Taffy for now.
Would I Eat It Again? Not likely. But I love the idea!


What Is It/What’s In It? Vitmo flavoured chewy sweet made with the secret Vimto flavor (or flavour). What is a secret Vitmo flavor???
How Does It Taste? It’s a bunch of teeny-tiny purple balls, and when you first chew them you’d swear that its gum- but it’s NOT. It’s actually very chewy candy, but despite having grape, black currant, and raspberry flavors in it (I checked the ingredients list), it still kind of tastes like bubble gum, with a slightly stronger grape flavor. So weird, but I kind of liked it, not going to lie!
Would I Eat It Again? I’m not the biggest fan of chewy candies (when I want something sweet, I usually go for something chocolate), but I was pleasantly surprised by Millions. I just wished it had more of a grape, black currant, and raspberry flavor and less of a bubble gum one.

Curly Wurly

What Is It/What’s In It? Milk chocolate (bar? It’s kind of flat, thin, and ruler shaped) with caramel center (or centre, as it says on the wrapper). But upon opening it, despite it melting slightly in the box, the candy bar is in a swirly pattern! Pretty neat!
How Does It Taste? This literally tastes like a less chewy, stick to your teeth version of Milk Duds! Which I have to say is a plus, since I hate having to unstick Milk Duds from between my teeth (some people like that, but I already fear the dentist, so I don’t need another reason for them to criticize my teeth). But honestly, I thought this was delicious, and I’m not even the biggest fan of just chocolate and caramel. I’m definitely going to have to share this one with my mom, since she’s the biggest caramel fan in the world.
Would I Eat It Again? Probably! Plus, I love the swirly design of the candy bar. So unique and fun! And it explains the name Curly Wurly (took me a while, but I got there!).


What Is It/What’s In It? Milk chocolate bar with caramel and biscuit energy (What does that mean??? “Biscuit energy??”)
How Does It Taste? Like deliciousness wrapped in yumminess. It tastes like a British version of a Twix bar, which I LOVE. Chocolate, caramel, and cookies/biscuits? Just a perfect combination. Though I’m not sure what this “biscuit energy” is…? Does this biscuit have protein powder in it or something? Or are they just trying to sell it off as a candy/energy bar? Either way, next time I’m in the UK I’m going to buy them because it’s one of the best things I’ve tasted out of the box so far!
Would I Eat It Again? See above last sentence = yes, yes, a hundred times yes!

Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations with Jelly Popping Candy

What Is It/What’s In It? A milk chocolate bar with jelly popping candy in it. Guys, I’m scared.
How Does It Taste? At first, it tasted like regular Cadbury chocolate, but then I bit into a jelly popping candy and all of a sudden I couldn't taste the chocolate anymore, just some chewy, jelly like candy that I just kept chewing and chewing and chewing… I didn’t get any of the popping sensation, but I really don’t want to take another bite, haha. I’m not a fan of things like fruit flavored candy and chocolate together and this was like eating a chocolate bar with gummy bears in it. I can see how a little kid would love this though!
Would I Eat It Again? Definitely not!!

Walkers Cheese and Onion Chips

What Is It/What’s In It? Potato chips (aka crisps) flavored with cheese and onion (duh)
How Does It Taste? Very similar to Lay’s sour cream and onion chips (my personal favorite. Well, that tied with cheddar sour cream and onion Ruffles. So yummy!), but with almost more of a stronger bite. Like, it tastes heartier than sour cream and onion chips. It’s as if sour cream and onion chips are something you serve at a kid’s birthday party, but when adults are partying, they’re putting out cheese and onion chips. I’m truly digging it.
Would I Eat It Again? For sure! I love them and the States need these ASAP.

Tango Orange Original

What Is It/What’s In It? I think it’s basically just an orange soda, with bubbles and everything. Pretty simple.
How Does It Taste? You guys, this drink was good. Like, really, really good. I was expecting something super heavy and artificial tasting like Orange Crush, but this Tango drink was more like Orangina, but without the pulp (or bits, as I think the British call them). Very light, with a nice natural orange flavor. It was so refreshing, especially on a hot summer day, and I’m actually feeling very sad right now as I sip these last few sips.
Would I Eat- Or Rather, Drink- It Again? Yes! I wish I had a six pack of these because I’d totally have this again!

So that was me trying U.K. snacks from SnackCrate! What did you think of the selection they sent me? I wish they had sent me more snacks, as in less chocolate and candy and more savory and different things, but all of the items were still fun to try! If I were to try snacks/candy from another foreign place, which country’s foods should I try next??

Stay Weird!

Thank you again to Paul for his generous donation on Ko-fi that supported this blog post!

16 comments on "International U.K. Snacks Taste Test!"
  1. I think the only one I wouldn't like would be the Cadbury bar with jelly popping candy. I like chewy sweets but I don't think I'll like it encased in chocolate! Everything else looks good! Thank you for the fun post!

    1. Ok, I'm glad it's not just me that didn't or wouldn't like that candy bar! When I first saw it, I just thought: "WHAT?" It must be an acquired taste or something little kids love. I'm so glad you liked the post! I had so much fun writing it (and eating the snacks)! I wish I could do more of these :)

  2. Awesome post! I love a Boost bar but it's something I have as a treat haha. Couldn't have them every day! :) Thanks so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you!! It was so much fun to write! And eat. Well, some of the things. The Boost bar was probably one of my favorites from the box. The next time I'm in the U.K., I'm totally getting one. And same! So sweet, except for special occasions. :) Thank YOU so much for reading and commenting! <3

  3. Curly Wurlys are the best! Also if you ever get the chance you need to try Tayto Crisps. They're from Ireland and therefore a stable over here.

    1. Curly Wurlys were definitely one of the best in the box! I've heard of Tayto's!! The name is so cute and very on point, haha. Thanks for reading and commenting, Nyxie. It means a lot :)

  4. Great post! There's nothing better than a packet of Walkers crisps and Curly Wurlys are one of my faves.

    1. Thanks, Kim! I'm glad you liked reading it! That sounds like the perfect snack combination to have while binge-watching tv! Yum!

  5. Ok, so the main thing that I got from this post is that MILK DUDS DON'T TASTE LIKE MILK. This has honestly shocked me. I've heard about them (on Gilmore Girls) but kind of imagined them like little white milk-tasting sweets. How my perspective has changed. Glad you liked the Curly Wurly though!

    Also, this post was super fun, so thank you for sharing!

    1. Hahahahahaha really??? I guess the "milk" in the name maybe comes from the milk chocolate or maybe the milk in the caramel...? I don't know because it seems like a lot of candies (especially the old ones!) have really odd names that have nothing to do with the candy or the ingredients! But now you know what they are! I'm glad I could help you with that at least ;) Oh, the Curly Wurly was great!! It makes me wish I lived in England even more...

      Thank you! It means a lot to me that you enjoyed reading it! And thank you for commenting! You made my day!

  6. What a great post �� I'm from the UK and I'm kind of offended you don't like the jelly popping candy ���� It's one of my favourites and I buy it all the time, same with toffee crisp. We do agree on the cheese and onion crisps being amazing though ��

    Seriously loved this post, and the previous candy one you did x

    1. Looks like the smiley faces didn't come up! The question marks are meant to be faces in case you were wondering... Lol

    2. Hi Amy! Hahaha, uh oh. Does this mean I can't visit the U.K. now? lol. It was just unlike any candy I've ever had before! Maybe if I grew up with it I'd like it, haha. Oh, the cheese and onion chips were THE BEST! I need to find a place near me that sells them or else I'm ordering them online because I now need them in my life! :)

      Thank you so much for reading and for your amazing comment! And no worries! I just thought they were emojis that didn't translate so I just thought my phone was behind the times, haha.

    3. I think we just have weird tastes over here lol. It was interesting to see that you don't have the same candy as we have. I kind of assumed it was all universal!

      I had to go out and buy cheese and onion crisps today after reading this post :)

  7. Hold up - you mean to tell me that you don't have cheese and onion crisps? �� *drops tea and crumpets* really though I love posts like these - I would love to try some American snacks one day! (Especially candy corn, it's so celebrated!) Lovelt post ��

    1. No, we don't! And it's so SAD!! Once I've tasted the deliciousness of cheese and onion chips/crisps, I want them all the time! The closest we have is cheddar and sour cream, which is delicious in it's own right, but now quite the same. Aw thank you! I love writing posts like these too! Ooh, you totally should! I love seeing other people's perspectives on American snacks (we have some odd ones, haha). And with candy corn, you either love it or hate it! Or like me, be somewhat ambivalent toward it, haha.

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting! Your comment made me smile!! :)


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