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13 MORE Horror Movies to Watch This Halloween!

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Disclaimer: This post includes affiliate links, which means if you purchase something through one of these Very Special Links, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you. Just a head's up!

Another year, another Halloween....YAY! It's time to celebrate the best holiday ever! (I swear I hear the Christmas fans coming to fight me) If you've followed this blog for a minute, you know that I love all things spooky: ghost stories, shows about real encounters with ghosts (ghost hunting shows are also a guilty pleasure of mine), reading horror novels and stories, and of course, watching horror movies. My favorite are the supernatural/paranormal kind, but I will branch out every so often to other subgenres of horror movies (slasher, vampire, zombie, creature feature, etc.) when the mood strikes me. But my go to horror movies are almost always of the paranormal variety and I wanted to share some more of my favorites again with you this year (because honestly, my list of favorite scary movies just keeps growing!). Because what better way is there of getting into the Halloween holiday spirit than with some truly terrifying and haunting scary movies featuring ghost, ghouls, and demons? (That seriously sounds like heaven to me!) So get ready to be scared and lose some sleep at night for the rest of the month because there's less than 30 days to watch all thirteen of these movies til Halloween! Let the countdown, sleepless nights, and nightmares begin! (You know that sounds like fun. And you're welcome in advance!)

For When You Want A Great Psychological Thriller/Ghost Story/Drama/All Around Good Movie That Has One of the Best Twists and Reveals in Recent Cinema History (Take That, M. Night!):
Dimension Films
Oooh this is such a good one! It's a slow burn of a horror movie, peppered with some creepy and jarring moments, but it's the finale that'll really get you. And the twist, oh the twist! Even if you know the twist, the way it's revealed and handled is just so well done and so (forgive me) haunting. (I had to! I had to!)

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent The Others on Amazon

For When You're Tired of the Usual Ghoulies and Ghosties and Just Want to Be Terrified by the Thought of Malevolent Extraterrestrials Invading Our Planet (Also, Sorry About That Dig Above, M. Night): 
Touchstone Pictures
I saw this movie in theaters way back when (I know. I'm old) and let me tell you: it was TERRIFYING. Also, it was super fun seeing it in a movie theater packed with people. Lots of gasps, screams, and there's always that one guy who says something like "oh sh*t!" right after a jump scare. But even without being in a room full of people having this shared scary experience, Signs is still scary even if you're watching it at home. M. Night's movies may have fizzled out over the years, but you have to admit his earlier films pack a punch and this movie is no exception. The mix of the score featuring string instruments that will set your nerves on edge and the little seen but that's-what-makes-them-scary aliens will definitely have you fearing the sound of wind chimes after seeing it.

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent Signs on Amazon

For When You're Feeling a Bit Sophisticated and Want to Watch a Foreign Film While Also Being Absolutely Terrified: 
Super creepy and strangely emotional, this one will hit you in the feels but will also give you that oh-so-fun yet chilling feeling of thinking you hear children giggling once you go to bed and turn off the light. (Is there nothing creepier than the sound of disembodied children's laughter??)

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent The Orphanage on Amazon

For When You Wanted to Be Reminded That Even Law Enforcement Officers Get Terrified By Supernatural Beings Haunting Their Station: 
Magnet Releasing
I found Last Shift while I was sifting through the Horror section on Netflix (a frequent pass-time of mine) and was pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually a very decent horror movie! (Which is saying a lot because Netflix's horror movie sections suuuuuucks) Plus, it has to do with cults and personally, I feel like more horror movies need a cult story-line or backstory. Nothing is quite as creepy as a cult! I mean, look at the Manson family. Or Scientology!

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent Last Shift on Amazon

For When You And Your Friends Want to Break Out That Ol' Ouija Board and Need to Be Reminded of the Repercussions of Trying to Contact Your Dead Grandma (If You Believe In That Sort of Thing, Of Course): 
Universal Pictures
Who knew that a prequel to a mediocre horror movie would actually turn out to be better than the original? If you saw the original Ouija movie, you know that it wasn't the world's best scary movie (meaning it sucked, but that's just my opinion...). So how did such a below average horror movie spawn a sequel (but really a prequel to the original story) and make it actually really great and scary? Whatever they did, they succeeded with Ouija: Origin of Evil. It basically had the winning combination of being set in the 1960's (because horror movies are always scarier when they're set in an older time period. Fact), having a Ouija board, Catholicism (because how could you not?), a creepy old house, and the sweet little girl turned terrifying little vessel for a demon. If that last sentence doesn't sell you on this movie than I don't know what else will!

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent Ouija: Origin of Evil on Amazon

For When You Want to Get Your Art House Movie On But Still Want to Celebrate Halloween by Way Of the Witches of the 17th Century: 
You'll either love or hate this one (it seems there is no in-between!) but one thing is for sure, you'll be discussing/debating the meaning of the story and whether the the movie is actually good or not (again, people have a lot of opinions about this movie!), or even a true horror movie, while hopefully being a little creeped out during the process. So see it for yourself and let the debate (and the goosebumps) begin!

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent The Witch on Amazon

For When You Want to Be Scared By Two of the Most Frightening Horror Movies in Recent Years: 
New Line Cinema/Warner Bros.
I may be a little biased but I love The Conjuring movies so I love to sing their praises while I anxiously wait for the next one (number 3, don't disappoint me!). There's just something about a movie (The Conjuring) that now has a Marvel-esque extended movie universe: we now have along with The Conjuring 2 have the Annabelle movies, about a demonic doll (Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation, which like Ouija: Origin of Evil, is way better than it's original), and two soon to be released origin stories about some disturbing supernatural/demonic entities introduced in The Conjuring 2, the Nun and the Crooked Man (*shudders*). Oh, and did I mention that both Conjuring movies are freaking scary? Not only are they incredibly well made thanks to director James Wan, but the stories are incredible and intricate, and there's always an emotional pull that never feels forced. They're about fifty steps above your average run of the mill horror movie and I feel so blessed to have been graced by their terrifying presence. 💗

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 on Amazon

For When You Want to Watch a Horror Movie So You Can Have a Discussion With Your Friends Afterwards About How Horrifying a Supernatural STD Would Be: 
This is another movie that you'll either love or hate, but there really is no doubt that It Follows will get you thinking that maybe that random Tinder hookup wasn't worth the malevolent supernatural entity now dead set (haha, get it? Sorry) on trying to kill you. (I mean, is any random Tinder hookup worth it, really?)

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent It Follows on Amazon

For When You're Convinced There are Paranormal Happenings Occuring at Night In Your House and Are Thinking of Putting Up Some Cameras to Potentially Catch Any Activity (and Then Quickly Change Your Mind Once You Watch the First Movie):
Paramount Pictures
I know these movies get a bad rap: people say they're boring, low budget/quality, poorly acted, not scary, yada yada yada. But hear me out: these movies are/were popular for a reason. Are they filled with crazy scary supernatural effects? No, because, like in Signs, the scariest things are the ones you don't see. It's the subtleties of the shadows, the swinging chandelier and plants, the invisible entity breathing on Katie's neck that are the scariest, just because you can't see what- or who- is causing them. The first three movies in the series are great (in my horror loving opinion), especially the third (again, in my horror loving opinion), because they use some really inventive filming shots, scares, and backstory to help add an even creepier tone than in the previous movies. Plus, the third movie was set in the 80's and I honestly can't think of a more horrifying decade (fashion-wise). So if you haven't seen the first three movies, give them a watch, and if you have seen them, give them another try. At least once, just for me. Please?

(Just stay away from the movies after the third one. They honestly just get worse and worse and just end up casting a shadow on the only three good movies in the series. The travesty!)

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent Paranormal Activity, Paranormal Activity 2, and Paranormal Activity 3 on Amazon

For When You Were Convinced That the Boogeyman Was Real When You Were Little and Want to Prove to Your Older Siblings Just How Scary You Really Knew He Was: 
Summit Entertainment
Sinister may be one of those underrated modern horror movies of the 2010's. The whole vibes just oozes with a nauseating creepiness, and the fact that the movie centers on a true crime writer moving into a house with his family, a house where a family was murdered years before, just so he can write about it for his new book. Add in some snuff films (which are so disturbing in themselves, even though you only see them in flashes- the images will haunt you) and the boogeyman, and this is a movie that will stick with you for a good long while and will make you paranoid of moving into any suspiciously cheap ranch style home with a lone cardboard box with old reels of film left in an otherwise empty attic. (Hey, it could happen. It did in the movie!)

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent Sinister on Amazon

For When You Want A Movie That Starts Out As a Medical Drama Then Transitions Into a Murder Mystery That Just Explodes Into a Supernatural Nightmare: 
IFC Midnight
I know it seriously sounds like I've been hired by the production company to promote this movie, but I honestly can't tell you how surprised I was by how good this movie was. Like more than pleasantly surprised. Delighted, even! It seems like it's so difficult to find a decently made horror movie nowadays, but The Autopsy of Jane Doe has reconfirmed the fact that there are new takes on the horror genre and that horror fans like myself can still be surprised and scared by a total original and terrifying story. Seriously, you won't see the ending coming and you'll be so glad you didn't because it'll just make the reveal that much more shocking and blood-curdling. (I actually had to turn the movie off at one point because it was getting to be too much for me to watch. Which is probably the highest compliment a horror movie can garner from me!)

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent The Autopsy of Jane Doe on Amazon

For When You Want the Scares Along with the Bizarre Other Worlds Via Astral Projection with a Red Faced Demon Thrown in the Mix: 
Ready for a totally twisted and weird take on a haunted house movie? (Or movies, in this case) You think you know what you're getting into with the first one: family moves into a new home, scary stuff starts happening, they move into another new home, and the creepy stuff keeps happening. But it's not at all what you could possibly imagine. The movie throws in a child in a coma- but not a medical coma, a supernatural one, ooooooh- repressed childhood memories/experiences, astral projection, the spirit realm and you got two damn good and scary horror movies to watch with some truly jarring scare jumps and imagery thrown in. Trust me, if you want some totally different horror movies to watch, you can't really go wrong with another James Wans directed set of horror movies.

(Just take my advice and don't watch the third Insidious movie. It's a prequel of sorts but is very disappointing, story and scary-wise. There's also new Insidious movie coming out next year and while I want to be excited, I'm being cautiously realistic about it. I've been burned before!)

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent Insidious and Insidious: Chapter 2 on Amazon

For When You Need a Reminder That At Least Your Mom Isn't As Bad As This Undead One: 
Universal Pictures
The sound a of a little child calling out "mama" in a soft, whispery, yet urgent voice, will probably haunt your dreams from now on. And probably a lot more if you actually have a young child who likes to wake you up in the middle of the night with a whispered "mama." If so, I apologize, but honestly, doesn't it make watching this movie even scarier now?

Very Special Link: Buy or Rent Mama on Amazon


Ta-da! That was my list of thirteen more scary movies to watch this Halloween! Have you seen any of these? Did you think they were scary? What are some of your favorite horror movies? Do you even like horror movies?? Let me know in the comments!

Stay Weird,

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