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Unboxing My First Harry Potter Lootcrate! (September Box)

That Weird Girl Life
You guys, I did it. I finally broke down and ordered myself a Harry Potter Lootcrate box! (officially called J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World box, but I like calling it the Harry Potter Lootcrate box personally) I have always wanted to buy one, but since they're a tad expensive ($39.99 plus tax and shipping, so it came out to more like $50-ish) but once I heard about the theme of this month's box, Magical Must-Haves, I knew I had to order one, at least just once! (This may the closest we'll get to feel like we're living in the Wizarding World and that's a feeling I want to have at ALL times) I had subscription box envy for so long, especially after seeing all of these unboxing videos and blog posts about the Harry Potter Lootcrate boxes. And time had finally come. I got the box about a week ago, freaked out, opened it, freaked out more, then had a photo-shoot in the very crappy afternoon light. (So, my apologies for the quality of the pictures. Filters and editing can only do so much) Now, without further ado, here's September's Magical Must-Haves box!


That Weird Girl Life
First, here's the famous black Lootcrate box! Isn't it glorious in all of its black and silver-lettered glory?

That Weird Girl Life
And look at the sticker serving as the boxes' seal! It's the Muggle Worthy lock from Newt Scamander's suitcase from Fantastic Beasts! That's one of the reasons why I think this Lootcrate box is so cool. They not only include Harry Potter things, but everything from J.K. Rowling's Wizarding World. (so, let's hope J.K. keeps expanding that universe! We know she has more stories to tell!)

That Weird Girl Life
Ugh, how adorable is that?? I can just imagine a niffler trying to escape from the box. Great, now I wish that they'd include a toy niffler in every box...

That Weird Girl Life
Then I opened the box (and you know, trying not to destroy the Muggle Worthy sticker, which is probably the closest any of us are going to have to something as amazing as Newt's magical beast filled suitcase), and was pleasantly surprised to see that the inside was decorated in Ravenclaw colors! Before you buy your crate (you can either pick one, three, or six crates to buy at a time, three crates meaning you get one every other month for half a year, and for six you get a box every other month for a year). I just went for one since I was just trying it out. I mean, if I had the money I'd buy all six in advance, without even knowing the themes! (Oh, to be rich...) When you're ordering, they ask what Hogwarts house you're in and of course, I'm a proud Ravenclaw (with some Hufflepuff tendencies aka a Ravenpuff!) so the inside of my trunk came in my house's colors, blue and bronze. On the Hogwarts letter it came with (each box comes with a letter from Hogwarts with information about the box's theme and contents), states that this month's box can be folded inside out so it looks like a Hogwarts trunk! I haven't tried that yet, but here is the box without all of the Magical Must-Haves inside:

That Weird Girl Life
I love this option so much! Now it can be a decorative storage or display box to hold or show off all of your HP paraphernalia.

On the very top of all of the Magical Must-Haves in the box, was a Fantastic Beasts themed MACUSA office stationary set! It comes with a list pad featuring the MACUSA (the United States government, the Magical Congress of the United States of America) logo, sticky notes shaped like the Magical Exposure Threat Level clock, two paper clips shaped like triangles with eyes inside (which I could imagine could also be a book mark if you wanted them to be), and a file folder/folio with the MACUSA logo on it as well. As someone who loves office supplies for some odd reason, this was the perfect start to the box. I'm also imagining that the Magical Must-Haves theme also coincides with the start of school at Hogwarts, which starts in early September (hence it being for the September box) and what better way to start off the school year whether you're a witch, wizard, or Muggle, than with school supplies??

That Weird Girl Life
Right under the MACUSA office stationary kit was a Ravenclaw scarf! I have a few Gryffindor accessories (let's be honest, before Hot Topic was full on selling Harry Potter everything, it was kind of hard to find any house themed products other than Gryffindor) but none from my actual house of smart and unique Ravenclaw. (I'm a little biased, if you couldn't tell.)

That Weird Girl Life
I kind of wish the scarf was actually in the correct house colors (blue and bronze, rather than blue and silver) but other than that it looks incredibly well made, and seems pretty heavy so it will probably actually keep me warm when it's cold out. Plus, it's super cool and such a fun way to represent your house and is probably perfect for cosplaying when it's cold out.

That Weird Girl Life
Also, I can't tell if the mascot is an eagle or not. It doesn't look like the incorrect raven that is usually on every other Ravenclaw product, but it doesn't look that much like an eagle...? Are they trying to trick us with a hybrid???

Right next to the scarf was a freaking HONEYDUKES box! (You know, the candy store in Hogsmeade where all of the Hogwarts students get their sugar fix)

That Weird Girl Life
I got so excited thinking that there was possibly some Wizarding World candy in there until I saw this on the side:

That Weird Girl Life
Boooo! While I was slightly upset by this, my disappointment didn't last long once I opened the box. Because inside the box, perfect for the whole back to school thing, was a set of four erasers, all based on candy you'd actually find at Honeydukes!

That Weird Girl Life
The candy aka erasers feature a jelly slug, a cauldron cake, a sugar skull, and the ever popular chocolate frog. They really are so detailed and pretty that I don't even want to use them! Why ruin perfection? This was a case of kismet because I've been dying to make a little Harry Potter themed Christmas tree for a while now and these erasers would be perfect to make into ornaments for the tree! I'll just have to look into preserving them, since I know erasers dry out. Maybe add ornament hooks and then Modge-Podge all of them? If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments!

The erasers are super cool, but I think the box itself may in fact be better! It would make a cute trinket or memory box (or, let's face it: a treat box), with it's bright, fun colors. It honestly just makes me happy just looking at it! Plus, look at the adorable design at the bottom of the box. It's all of the Honeydukes candy but teeny-tiny! So cute!!

That Weird Girl Life
Can I have this design as my actual wallpaper for my room? I'm actually dead serious about this. Oh my god, this theme in a nursery?? Stop it!! Anyway...

The gifts kept on giving because the next thing I found was a small black Ollivander's box, that said Harry Potter Wand Pen on it. A pen that looks like Harry's wand! So when you write it just seems a bit more magical!

That Weird Girl Life
It looks exactly like Harry's wand from the movies, except in pen form. The thick handle of the wand comes off and basically is the cap, so the thinner brown end of the wand is the actual pen. The pen has some weight to it, but once you take the cap off, it's perfectly balanced and feels solid and well made. For some reason I couldn't get a good picture of the wand itself (my apologies, but you can see it in the blog header picture at the top of this page), but I did get one of me holding it like it was an actual full sized wand.

That Weird Girl Life
Basically, my hand probably looks like I'm a Hagrid sized giant holding Harry's actual wand in its original size. But you better believe I still waved that wand around and pretended to do some spells. Nothing happened, but that just means I have to practice more. 😉

And now we come to the sad part: the very last thing in the box. It's bittersweet, but at least they saved something very cool for last. According to some of the unboxing videos and blog posts that I watched/read, the Harry Potter Lootcrate boxes have been giving out a pin with each box, and the theme for all of the pins so far has been Horcruxes, i.e. every pin in each box is based on one of the Horcruxes. This month's was Slytherin's Locket aka the third Horcrux. I'm not that into pins, but I have to admit that this one is stunning:

That Weird Girl Life
Gorgeous, right? I love the green gems making an "S" and the pin is heavy and sturdy. It'd be perfect for flat-laying some fun Harry Potter themed photos, or for a cosplay accessory. Or just wearing it and representing that Harry Potter life!

All in all, I was very impressed by the Wizarding World Lootcrate box! I think my favorites were the Ravenclaw scarf and the Honeydukes box and erasers. I'm totally going to use the erasers as ornaments for my Harry Potter mini Christmas tree, so once I'm done with it (you know, sometime in the near or most likely distant future), I'll post all about it here! While it is fun to have a theme and have all of the items in it be a surprise, I definitely liked some of the items much more than some of the other things. If you're going to pay a pretty reasonable sum for a box fill with items from a theme you love, I'd want to love every single thing. I'm guessing some boxes are better than others, and this box was completely awesome, but I think it can be a gamble month to month with the different themes and the items included. In the perfect world aka if I had a ton of money, I would take that gamble and order all six for the year, but for now, I think I'll wait to see if I really like the theme before considering to buy that box. But I really am so glad that I splurged and got this box!


Did anyone else get this month's box? What did you think of it? Have any of you ordered the Harry Potter/Wizarding World Lootcrate box before? Do you have a full six month subscription? Do you love it and think it's worth it? And if you're a Potter fan and haven't ordered a Wizarding World Lootcrate box, would you consider it? Let me know in the comments below!

Stay Weird,
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