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How to Win More Goodreads Giveaways!

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As an avid bookworm, the Goodreads site/app is ah-may-zing! You can keep track of the books that you're reading, discover new books to read (as if we need to add more books to our to be read pile. Who am I kidding. You can never have too many books!), organize all of the books you have read (and books you want to read) to specific shelves that you've created (like historical fiction, spooky reads, and books that will change your life- obviously those are some of my shelves), and connect with other fellow bookworms and look at what they're reading (and then sneakily add the book they're reading to your to be read shelf). There are also book clubs, reading challenges, Q & A's with authors, and so much more!

But my favorite part of Goodreads (along with many other features, obviously) is the giveaways section. Now, I love me a good giveaway and contest. I'm actually super into contests of ANY kind. It's just that fun idea of entering some giveaway, and then randomly winning something. Winning anything, really, no matter how big or small. To be fair, I've only won a few contests in my day (I've won from various contests: a Bluetooth wireless iPad keyboard, a Taylor Swift perfume, a random book or two, and some other odds and ends). I usually feel very unlucky in life, but winning a contest just makes me feel like maybe, just maybe, the universe actually likes me and is throwing me a little wink and a nod like, "Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you. Here's a consolation prize to make up for me ignoring you like pretty much always." (This is about the nicest thing the universe will ever do for me)

So far I've entered about 500 giveaways on Goodreads (that's a rough, but probably pretty accurate, estimate) and have won three books so far (plus one bonus one that came with another book!). Sure, that doesn't seem like a lot, considering all of the giveaways I've entered, but so many people enter these giveaways, so it's pretty amazing that I've one giveaway, no less three of them!

Books I've Won So Far On Goodreads:

*The Cottingley Secret by Hazel Gaynor (read my review here)
*The Girl You Left Behind by JoJo Moyes (which I've read a while ago and loved!)
*The Lost Letter by Jillian Cantor (when I won The Girl You Left Behind they sent me this book as random surprise! So nice and I can't wait to read it!)
*Meddling Kids by Edgar Cantero  (I've heard so many good things and hype about this book that I can't believe I won a copy!)

(Much thanks to Penguin Randomhouse, Viking Books, Riverhead Books, and Goodreads for these wonderful books! The little Russian nesting doll is my own, FYI)

So in honor of my weird and unnatural good luck, I've decided to compile a list of the tips I've come up with that I use when looking in the giveaways section on Goodreads. They've helped my chances at winning and I hope they'll help you too. Good luck with entering and I hope you win* a free book! (Or a bunch of 'em!)

*Disclaimer: My tips obviously can't guarantee that you'll actually win lots of books, but hopefully they will help to better your chances at actually winning a book or two 😊

Tip #1: Enter As Many Giveaways As You Can
I think it goes without saying that the more giveaways you enter, the better your chances are at winning. It doesn't mean you're always going to win something, but it betters your odds at actually getting that super special edition of that book that everyone is talking about!

Tip #2: Don't Be Too Picky About the Genre
I have to admit, I'm pretty set on the book genres I like: historical fiction, horror, young adult, thriller, and general fiction. I rarely cross over into fantasy or sci-fi, and I usually don't seek out memoirs or biographies. But on Goodreads, the more open you are to different book genres and entering giveaways for books that aren't in your normal book genre range, the more likely you are to actually win a giveaway. And who knows? Maybe after reading that mystery novel you won, you might start reading more mystery novels. Your whole world could change and all because of a single Goodreads giveaway! (I may be over-exaggerating, but you get the idea)

Tip #3: Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover
It pains me to say this, but sometimes I do judge a book by its cover. I know, I shouldn't, because we shouldn't judge books (or people, for that matter) on their looks. But you have to admit that a good cover can entice you right in. While a fancy, glossy, professionally made cover may attract you to a so-so book, a plain, simple cover of a self-published book could hold an extraordinary world that you probably wouldn't have even glanced at if it wasn't for the giveaway. Read the description of the books, don't focus on the covers, and it will open up more opportunities to discover, win, and read more books.

Tip #4: Look For the Giveaways with the Most Copies of the Books or the Giveaways with the Least Amount of People Who Have Entered to Win the Book (to Better Your Chances)
It's simple, really: the more copies of the books, the better your chances are at winning. But they go down, of course, if a lot of people enter that giveaway, so keep that in mind!

Tip #5: Don't Be Afraid to Enter Giveaways for Books You Haven't Heard Of Before
One of the great things about Goodreads is that little or unknown authors can set up a page for their books, and get some publicity plus reviews for their novel(s). Reviews help unknown authors so much, and that's why so many authors starting out set up giveaways for their books, in the hopes that people who win a copy of the book will rate and review it on Goodreads, thus spreading the word about their book. Sure, this book may not be a best-seller, but it might be one day. And you would have read it first! You never know what your new favorite book might be, so give one of these lesser known books a try and if you love it, you can help spread the word about how great it is (and be in that total hipster book club of reading it before it was cool).

Tip #6: Check the Giveaways Section Every Few Days
New giveaways pop up everyday, but it's easy to get discouraged if you check it every single day and keep seeing the same old giveaways that you've already entered. Try checking the giveaways every two or three days so more giveaways will pop up and you'll have more to discover

Tip #7: Don't Forget About the Ending Soon Category or Just Listed- You May Have Missed a Giveaway That's Going to End Soon or Was Just Added!
Don't just be tempted by the Popular Authors and Most Requested giveaway sections. A lot of the less popular books show up first on the Ending Soon and Just Listed categories. And check the Ending Soon one first, because you never know what must read books are about to disappear forever. But never fear: a lot of books (especially new release books and self-published) pop up again as new giveaways, so if you missed your chance by forgetting to enter for that one book or if you entered the giveaway and didn't win, you might get another opportunity to win that much coveted book that you've been dying to read but hasn't been officially released yet (oh the joys of advanced readers copies aka ARCS!).


And remember: it's random and it's all up to chance, but like the lottery, you can't win if you don't play. So good luck and have fun entering the giveaways, discovering new books, and hopefully winning a giveaway or two! (I'm sure the universe will be much kinder to you than it is to me 😋)

(But if you do win a book, it's customary for the person who wins a copy to write and post a review of the book on Goodreads. It helps out the site, the book, and the author. Plus, it's a great way to say thank you to Goodreads and the publisher (or whoever set up the giveaway) for sending you a copy of the book.)

Keep entering the giveaways and let me know if you win anything! And be sure to follow me on Goodreads! Let's connect and see what each other is reading!

Stay Weird,
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  1. How fun! I didn't know that Goodreads did giveaways like this! I'm going to have to start using them more. :) Thank you for the tips!

    1. Thanks for reading! And of course! I'm happy to share any tips I have about the opportunity to win free books 😉


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