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May 2017 Monthly Favorites!

Another month gone, another Monthly Favorites post is now here! May has seriously gone by way too fast. Seriously, it's June already and if I thought summer was here before, than June has already proved me wrong because it is HOT in Arizona (it's already 108 degrees Fahrenheit here, and if you're in another part of the world that's 42 degrees Celsius! And it's only going to get hotter. Waaah!). But thankfully I have my favorites from May to keep me occupied while I stay inside from the heat (because who in.their right mind would be outside in weather like this? The answer: lots of people. Some people here in AZ just loooove hot weather. I am not one of those people). Things like fun, poppy songs that I should be embarrassed that I like but I actually don't, a riveting Netflix docu-series that will make you think and will probably start an interesting conversation with whoever you talk about it with, and probably the prettiest and most mystically dreamy spinning necklace you'll ever see. So, please enjoy this May edition of my Monthly Favorites! I know I sure did!


That Weird Girl Life
I first discovered Aisha Voya's incredible jewelry and masks when her Niffler necklace went viral online (it's seriously the cutest necklace ever. She handmade a tiny Niffler sculpture and then attached it on a necklace with a pendant to make it look like the Niffler was grabbing/hanging on to the shiny jewel on the necklace. Frickin' brilliant AND adorable!). While I really wanted the Niffler necklace, it was a tad expensive for me, but once I saw her Lucid Dreamer spinning necklace, I was so glad I didn't spend the money on the Niffler necklace (though I'd still be open to buying it if I ever got the money. And, you know, if it wasn't sold out currently). The necklace features a spinning pendant, with a woman on one side with her eyes open, and on the other side, her eyes are closed. It was designed to be used when you think you're dreaming (a la lucid dreaming, or Inception), to check if you're really asleep or not (I think. I don't know too much about lucid dreaming because most of my dreams are nightmares and who really wants experience that further?). Though I really wanted it more for the beautiful design and the fact that it looks so vintage and mystical. I love the long, gold chain it comes with, too. And seriously, my pictures do NOT do the necklace justice. It's more stunning in person (and in professionally taken photographs, unlike mine). My favorite jewelry purchase I've made in a long, long time!

Note: The woman faces right on each side of the pendant, I just mirrored the images on the right sides of the collage to make it more pleasing to the eye (I'm so artsy!).

Check out Aisha Voya Creations's spinning The Lucid Dreamer necklace here 

That Weird Girl Life
You never know what you're going to find at a yard/garage/estate sale. And when I was helping work at an estate sale a few weeks ago, guess what I found: a pair of Luna Lovegood's Spectrespecs! I had been wanting a pair for literally forever. I even looked for them at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios in Orlando three years ago, but they didn't sell actual hearty, plastic ones, just paper ones that came with a copy of the Quibbler. Not good enough for me! So who would have thought a few years later I would actually find a pair at an estate sale I was working at?? Life is crazy, but crazy awesome because now I have my own pair of Spectrespecs! Now I can finally see those wrackspurts Luna keeps talking about!


Adams Media Corporation
Never has a book spoken to me as an introvert. It's cute, funny, and so, so relatable. You'll feel better about being an introvert after reading through it. Maybe even a little proud, once you realize (like I did) that there are other introverts just like us out there! Give it a read and share it with your fellow introverts, and even extroverts! It's that good that even extroverts will get a good chuckle out of it (because they'll obviously recognize you in a lot of these situations!). Plus, all the cartoons are super, super adorable!

Read my book recommendation about Introvert Doodles here

American Girl
I can honestly say that I purely blame the American Girl series on my love of history and historical fiction. They were my absolute favorite books when I was younger (plus, I always wanted an American Girl doll of my own. Never got one. I'm not bitter or anything...) and I devoured the stories and the characters from different times in history. I also really liked the extra books they put out, based on the time period of each character. Felicity was one of my absolute favorites of the OG American Girls (Her best quality was that she was spunky! How awesome is that?? Also, who are all of these new American girls who keep popping up? Julie from the 1970's? Pssh, please!) and my favorite of these books to check out was the one about what Felicity's life would have been like in the 1770's. So guess what fate had in store for me when I worked that same exact estate sale where I found a pair of Spectrespecs? Yes, that's right, I found Welcome to Felicity's World, bought it, and was instantly transported back to my childhood. Isn't it weird how some of your favorite forgotten childhood books just find their way back to you? I swear, there's bookworm karma and I must have done something right to have been blessed by the book gods! (Maybe it's because I always pay my overdue fines at the library)

I was seriously blown away by the Rashida Jones produced Netflix documentary, Hot Girls Wanted, a look at young women in the booming amateur porn industry. Whether you're for it or against the industry (or a combination of both), it was a fascinating documentary that was incredibly honest and truthful, yet ultimately non-judgmental. Now the creators of the original documentary released a docu-series on Netflix, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On all about different aspects of the porn industry, focusing on the digital age. From female creators/directors of porn to the new hooking up culture of Tinder and how that affects people emotionally, Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On is a must see docu-series that will open your mind to different aspects of the industry, while still showcasing some compelling story telling with all sorts of people from every background and lifestyle. It's the most thought-provoking series I've seen in a long time and I honestly can't stop recommending it to everyone I know (or, you know, anyone who would at least be interested in it!).

You know how most reality shows are incredibly compelling but are based on the most ridiculous premise ever? This is the kind of reality show that should be shown as an example of what a reality show should actually be (this, and The Great British Baking Show, of course): original, riveting, and surprisingly heartfelt and educational. (You know, the opposite of the usual reality show drivel that's flooded TV) Different British families from all walks of life (but all have roots/family history going back to the Victorian age) voluntarily decide to live their lives as families in the Victorian era slums of London. All the families have different jobs, therefore different incomes, but all deal with the struggles of living in the London slums. From finding the money to eat and pay rent, and finding a place to work, or even sleep at night, the series is entertaining but hard-hitting, and illustrates the hard times and sacrifices families went through for a better life. Each week the families are in a different decade of the late 1800's, and their primary goal is find enough work/money to pay the rent (sounds boring but is actually super compelling). Sometimes it's tough to watch as these modern day people try to function in a tough and unfair outdated system, but it's amazing how in the face of adversary, people come together to help one another and find some light in the darkness. Plus, they learn more about their ancestors who lived in the Victorian slums themselves. While PBS has had other reality shows similar to this (I remember one about modern day American families settling out West and a British version about with one family living like rich people in the Victorian/Edwardian age and various people living as the servants below stairs), I honestly like this one a lot more. It has more depth, it's more thought-provoking, and honestly just more interesting and well done. Bravo, PBS!

Okay, if you haven't seen Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix, or heck, if you haven't even heard of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, then you are seriously missing out on so many stupidly funny story-lines, ridiculous characters, and just hilarious one liners and quips. It was created by the QUEEN Tina Fey, and if you loved/and miss 30 Rock, which I did/do, then you'll LOVE Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Don't miss out on this quirky gem of a show. Because if you aren't watching it, then you have not been blessed with the character that is Titus Andromedon. ♫Peeno nooooooirrrrrr!♫


Erksine Records Limited/Columbia Records/Sony Music Entertainment
Sign of the Times- Harry Styles

I am way too old to ever be a One Direction fan (though I do admit I like a few of their songs), but I gotta admit, these boys as solo artists are totally killing it right now. Sign of the Times is a total slow rock anthem and I absolutely love Harry Styles' voice mixed with the classic rock guitar riffs. I actually like his song so much I got his new album. DON'T JUDGE ME, it's actually really, really good. Poppy One Direction it is not! 

Atlantic Recording Corporation/Warner Music Group Company
Hard Times- Paramore

Oh, Paramore. You were like, one of the coolest bands back in the emo heydays of the early to mid 2000's. While they were never my favorite band (From First to Last and My Chemical Romance owned my dark, melancholy emo heart), I did like a few of their songs. And how can you not admire Hayley Williams' ever changing bright red/orange/blonde emo/scene hair? She was, without a doubt, THE coolest emo girl. I think the band had been a bit quiet for a while but they're back on the scene (but without the scene hair) with a totally 80's electronic pop track Hard Times and I honestly can't stop listening to it. It's catchy, but the lyrics are so dark and gloomy, that it's such an interesting juxtaposition of a song but it totally works! It makes me want to do the robot and tie my hair up in a scrunchie and use a ton of hair spray- and I haaaate 80's fashion! 

RCA Records/Sony Music Entertainment
Malibu- Miley Cyrus

I have some issues with Miley Cyrus. While I admire her self-expression and the fact that she's unapologetically herself, I feel like she tries waaaay too hard with whatever she gets into (musical styles, fashion, weed obsession- you like to smoke weed. WE GET IT.) and then tends to backtrack on whatever crazy thing she's said or done. But dammit if her new song Malibu isn't catchy and heartfelt. Stripped down and straightforward (unlike her previous fake rap or strange, experimental electronica about her dead pets. Which, I have to admit, some of which was insanely catchy), it's a love song dedicated to rediscovered love and renewing a relationship in Malibu, California, of all places. The simplicity of the music and lyrics just works great together, as does Miley's raspy but powerful voice. If this is Miley's new direction, then she may have found a new fan in me! (Maybe. Let's see how her next new single goes!)

Neon Haze Music Ltd/Capitol Records
Slow Hands- Niall Horan

What is with these One Direction boys, right?? I liked Niall's first single This Town, but Slow Hands just blows This Town out of the water. Slow Hands is a fun, sexy summer jam that's incredibly catchy and I've found myself just bopping my head to the beat at random times during the day. Seriously, who would have thought these British boy-band guys would start releasing all these crazy good tunes???

Odds & Ends:

That Weird Girl Life
Not gonna lie, I love a good bargain. Love 'em. The sales section at any store is the one section I always check out whenever I'm out shopping because you never know what you're going to find there. And when I found these adorable little dessert plates at Michaels and my discount and sugar loving heart was immediately stolen by the cuteness AND the price! How absolutely adorable are these plates?? Perfect for dessert of ANY kind, the mint green color is lovely, the sayings are cute and right on for any dessert lover, and honestly, I just can't get enough of these plates. I'm hoping to use them very, very soon for a special homemade dessert!

That Weird Girl Life
(And, as always, please excuse my crappy photography skills. This is what I get for trying to make them look better by adding a glamour glow filter over them! Will I ever learn? Or learn to take better pictures??)

What did you think of this month's Monthly Favorites? There were so many things I loved! What do you think of the songs I'm currently listening to? They're all so poppy, but I'm not ashamed! Let me know in the comments below! See you next month! 💖

Stay Weird,
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