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Book Recommendation: Introvert Doodles by Maureen "Marzi" Wilson

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Book: Introvert Doodles: An Illustrated Look at Introvert Life in an Extrovert World
Author: Maureen "Marzi" Wilson

Why You Should Read It (In My Humble Opinion):

Introverts unite!

But separately.

And, you know, in our own homes so we don't have to actually interact with each other in person.

Texting or Twitter is probably best. Don't even think about calling me on the phone or FaceTiming me!

I always thought of being an introvert (or what I always thought of myself before I knew about introverts: being shy) as a major hindrance to my life. I never really knew there was a term for what I was, except for the fact that I'd rather be alone, at home, reading a book, than at a party with lots of people surrounding me. Don't get me wrong, I love seeing my family and friends, but if I'm at a big gathering, I have to excuse myself every so often just to escape to a quiet room and regroup. I wished that I could be just like everyone else, who always seemed to flourish and come alive when other people were around. It's like they fed off of other people's energy and become more lively, while for me it seemed like being around others sapped my energy and would leave me physically drained for days after. Basically after an evening out, my battery is drained. But when I first found out about introverts (and extroverts, an introvert's polar opposite), I felt like I had finally found my people. There were others out there like me!

It filled me with joy to know that there were other people who would rather stay at home and read (reading IS an adventure!) than go out, are more creative than outgoing, are deep thinkers, and good listeners. I still consider myself shy- but that's sometimes just an easier way of saying I'm an introvert. While I have embraced being an introvert, it does come with its problems. Meeting new people is a lot more challenging and tiring than it would be for an extrovert. Finding a job that can possibly use your introvert personality and creativity can be a pretty difficult search (one I'm currently working on at the moment. Can't this blog just be my job? Ugh!). It seems like just because you embrace who you really are it doesn't make having that quality or personality any easier.

I had never read anything about being an introvert (even though apparently there is some great literature out there, apparently. Uh oh, more books to add to my TBR list? Um, well, okay!), but my sister (also a fellow introvert. Is it genetic??) let me borrow her copy of Introvert Doodles and I have never felt so understood. Maureen "Marzi" Wilson is a talented illustrator and fellow introvert herself. After wondering why she always felt so awkward and out of place (or "backward," in her words) during social interactions, yet felt so relieved and comfy when she was finally back at home reading with her dog, she did some research and found out she was, in fact, an introvert, and everything finally clicked into place. She has now fully accepted her introvert lifestyle and wants to reach out to other introverts like her and tell them via her comics that introverts are awesome!

This book couldn't have been handed to me at a better time. I've been feeling really down about life lately, especially about my lack of people skills. But reading Introvert Doodles has instantly put a smile on my face and reassured me that I'm totally normal because I do a lot of those things that cute little blonde introvert girl does in the book (who I am assuming is based off of Marzi herself) and that so many other introverts do as well! It's so silly and hilarious, and the cartoons are simply drawn but so cute, and the best part is is that I GET IT. I get all of it. Even the most outrageous and ridiculous situations, it's all true. Everything I've felt as an introvert, Marzi has basically illustrated it ALL: Feeling secretly relieved and rejoicing that someone canceled plans? Marzi gets you! Need some introvert reward stickers to look at after you do something brave for the day, like for talking to people and making phone calls? Marzi drew it for you! (And me! You bet I'm going mentally reward myself with those stickers from now on for trying to adult like a normal person) Or how about a cute illustration of relatable animals (Rabbit: skittish when approached. Chameleon: blends into surroundings)? Marzi's got you covered!

Introvert Doodles is a fun and funny way of viewing what an introvert goes through everyday, without being mean towards introverts or even extroverts who may not understand. It's a must read book for introverts (in my opinion), just so you can remind yourself that, yes, there are people out there just like you, going through the exact same things. Plus it's absolutely full of adorable and oh so relatable cartoons illustrating your struggles as an introvert, in almost any situation you can imagine. So buy a copy for your introverted self, give copies to your introverted friends (because you know exactly what they go through every dang day) and heck, buy a few copies for your friends who are extroverts, so they can know what goes on in your day to day life- and so they know that it doesn't offend us if you cancel plans with us. It just means we get to get into our PJ's, snuggle with our furry pet, and watch Netflix all wrapped up in a blanket on the couch like a human burrito. So really, we should be thanking you for canceling our plans and making our night!

I think it's safe to say that I'm buying myself a copy of Introvert Doodles and will be rereading it whenever I need that introvert pick me up. Thank you, Marzi, for writing and illustrating a lovely little book about all the struggles- and joys- of being an introvert! I'd love to meet you someday- but you know, we can skip the actual human interaction for a Twitter exchange. I think that might be preferable for both of us! ♥

Stay Weird,

Buy a copy of Marzi's book, then grab some chocolate, a blanket, your furry pet, get cozy in a comfy chair and feel that kinship with the other introverts in the world. But, you know- by yourself. I'm an introvert, I totally understand 😘
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