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Belated Monthly Favorites! (December 2016, January, February, March, and April 2017!)

It's been quite some time since I last posted a monthly favorites, hasn't it? I think the last monthly favorites I posted was in November- and it's almost May now! Oops! Well, because of my- erm- delay in blog posts as of late, I have decided to combine all of the months I missed of monthly favorites (which would be December, January, February, March, and let's just throw in April while I'm at it!), so strap in because this is going to be a BIG ONE. (Also, I'm sure I'm sure I've missed about a dozen of my other favorite things and once I post this, I will immediately want to add even more. But I'll show restraint. For once. HA!) Enjoy!


That Weird Girl Life
When it comes to accessories, I'm a total necklace girl. Not bracelets, not rings. NECKLACES. I don't even know how many I have, but I have a lot. I honestly shouldn't be buying anymore, but I just can't help myself with this one! Doesn't it look like a magical amulet from an epic fantasy?? I feel practically mystical when I'm wearing it! Plus, I like that the chain is long and the amulet (that's what I'm calling it from now on) is pretty hefty and on the bigger side (a tad larger than a silver dollar). Even though I didn't need it, I'm glad I bought it anyway!

From Modcloth (I don't know if it's still available on the site but it's worth it to just to look!)

That Weird Girl Life
I think it's safe to say that the niffler was my absolute favorite part of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (along with Jacob, Newt, Tina, and Queenie, of course). So when I saw this handmade, one of a kind niffler necklace on Show Pony's Instagram, I had to have it. It perfectly captures the niffler's mischievous, frozen pose from the movie, where it's (did we ever figure out if that niffler was a girl or a boy? THESE ARE PRESSING QUESTIONS!!) reaching for the shiny necklaces in the jewelry store storefront. Ugh, so freaking cute! The pearls are such a classy, fun touch and it'll be the perfect accessory to wear to the next Fantastic Beasts movie!

That Weird Girl Life
After I ordered the niffler necklace, I decided that I wanted to get the mini time turner necklace the Show Pony Store offered. I already had a full size time turner that broke (sad) so I was in need of a new one and I loved the idea of a smaller, more delicate time turner that wasn't as ostentatious as the regular sized one (and I liked the fact that the links of the chain were smaller and finer, plus the chain is much longer than the other time turner necklaces out there). It's so dainty and cute, but sadly, doesn't turn back time, as much as I twirl it. Ah, well.

The Show Pony store is now closed, but you can follow the shop's Instagram here and the owner Shelby's Instagram here

Tiny Hands
My sister sent this to me as a surprise gift in the mail! She knows I love waffles (waffles > pancakes. If you disagree with me, I challenge you to a breakfast food off! Waffles will always win, I guarantee it! They literally have pockets for syrup. POCKETS, I tell you!!) She found this cute online shop called Tiny Hands that sells tiny miniature versions of food that look and smell exactly like that food! Plus, Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler, duh) wore one from Tiny Hands on Parks & Recreations! Because as everyone knows, there's no one who loves waffles more than Leslie Knope (and me. I love waffles just as much as Leslie!). My sister totally hit it out of the ballpark with this surprise necklace! I'm going to wear it with pride!!

And here's the queen of waffles wearing the necklace on an episode of Parks & Rec!

Buy the Scented Waffle necklace here 

Arthur A. Levine Books
To keep with the Harry Potter theme, I also picked up the new edition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them! Revamped for the first Fantastic Beasts movie with a new cover, new forward (by Newt Scamander himself), plus six new beasts! While I do miss the original Fantastic Beasts book (made to look like a textbook with Harry, Ron, and Hermione's notes, comments, and doodles scribbled about the book), this one is still a nice addition to my Harry Potter book shelf. Plus, the cover designs is just the coolest!

Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
Oh my goodness. I freaking love this song. So, so much. I fell in love with Little Mix's "Shout Out To My Ex" (and please note that I'm 28 years old and am not a Little Mix fan) but then I heard "Touch" and it's now my #1 favorite Little Mix song now (again, I am 28, guys). It is so catchy! I'm not sure if anyone else finds this song as catchy as I do, but dang it, I just LOVE this song! The beat is great, the lyrics and vocals are everything, and I think I've lost count of how many times I've listened to this song on repeat. I don't know if there's been a song that's ever made me want to dance this much, because every time I hear "Touch," and its opening lyrics: "You and I and nobody elllllssseeee...." I at least have to do a little shimmy shake, if not completely burst out completely into a full on dance routine. Let's hope I never hear this in public or else people are going to get a show of me busting a move! 

Sony Music Entertainment UK Limited
I know, I know, another Little Mix song! I don't know why I'm loving their songs lately! Does that mean I'm a Little Mix fan now?? (I'm not mad about that, honestly. I'm not ashamed!) While not as catchy as some of Little Mix's other songs, I still like it but what really makes the song (at least to me) is Machine Gun Kelly's rap part (which was not part of the original but I thought he added a fun, new element to the song). Also, Machine Gun Kelly keeps popping up in all of these songs I like. Why is that? And why do I like it when he raps so much? His voice is.... kind of attractive. Oh no, do I like Machine Gun Kelly?? I mean, technically he's my type (tall and skinny) and his voice is pretty alluring, and I keep hearing him on the radio and I don't turn off his music and oh my god I'm into Machine Gun Kelly. This blurb about Little Mix has taken a turn!

Did anyone else binge-watch 13 Reasons Why? I had a lot of feelings about the show (good and bad) but that's another discussion for another time. If you've watched the show, you probably remember the song that Hannah and Clay slow dance to at the school dance and how beautiful and haunting it was. Hearing it immediately made me want to cry and after the episode I had to go look up what the song was and who it was by. And because of the show, this song has now entered my life and I will never be the same. I feel compelled to listen to it all the time, but I have to be careful because the song, while lovely, also makes me want to weep uncontrollably at its heartbreaking lyrics: "I don't know what I'm supposed to do/ haunted by the ghost of you," and "I had all and then most of you/ some and now none of you." They seriously couldn't have picked a more perfect song to represent that show's tragic love story. And it's now my go to song to listen to when I'm feeling sad and want to wallow in my own misery. Hooray!

Interscope Records
Oh, Lana. I love, love, love her. Born to Die was a practically perfect album that I still listen to, even years later. Her other albums were pretty good too, but nothing compared to Born to Die. Most of her songs are a tad morose and melancholy, mixed with some great electronic beats and old Hollywood mentions. But "Love" is a lighter, much more happy tone of a song (the music video actually features Lana smiling. Smiling, I say!!) and I think that bodes well for her new album, titled Lust for Life. But doom and gloomy or happy go lucky, I'd listen to pretty much anything Lana Del Rey sings.

2016 Sony Music Entertainment Australia Pty Ltd.
I love the Veronicas, therefore I love this song. Especially the lyric: "Life isn't pretty/we all get a little wrecked sometimes." It's got a great up tempo EDM beat with some very emotional and beautiful lyrics. Give it a listen! (I'll go to my grave promoting the Veronicas and their music! My love for them is literally eternal. Or should I say, 4Ever? That's a title of a famous song of theirs. You get it, I love them. I'll stop now)


Okay, back when I was a tween/teen, when the movie version of A Series of Unfortunate Events came out, it was a BIG DEAL. I was obsessed with the books and so were all of my friends and when we went to go see it we were stoked (that was a popular word back in those days). But when we finally saw the movie... we left feeling disappointed. It wasn't as good as we thought it would be and it wasn't true to the books. They combined the first three books into one movie, rearranged all of the parts, and Jim Carrey, as awesome as he is and how enthusiastically he plays a role, just wasn't Count Olaf. And while the movie had it's clever and entertaining moments (the Happiest Little Elf claymation opening was a fun homage to the books) and the costumes were cool and very Tim Burton-esque, all goth and Victorian, it just felt not very...well, Lemony Snicket-y. At all. (At least it didn't to me, and as we all know, I am not the authority on all things. Though in all honesty the kids who played the Baudelaire children- including my girl crush Emily Browning as Violet- were all excellent. And Meryl Streep was, of course, brilliant as always)

And now years later, we actually have A Series of Unfortunate Events show, based on ALL of the books (though only the first four books are featured in the first season), with Lemony Snicket himself, Daniel Handler, being involved and writing some episodes. And not only that, the man, the myth, the legend, that is Neil Patrick Harris was playing Count Olaf (who is brilliant at it, may I add, though apparently he's had mixed reviews on his performance, which I wholeheartedly disagree with). He adds such a theatricality to the role, as well as a hilarious maliciousness, that Jim Carrey tried for, but just turned more ridiculous caricature of a character that is, well... just Jim Carrey in most of his movies. Patrick Warburton also adds a certain melancholy and longing to the role of narrator Lemony Snicket that I really enjoyed and appreciated. But I honestly loved the new series: it was morose and clever, had heart, but with a bittersweet edge to it that cuts you to the core at certain moments. And the HUGE twist that they put in (that I won't even allude to, so no spoilers here), was equal parts brilliant and heart-breaking and the perfect way to end the first season.

And the best part of the whole series being a thing? They devote TWO whole episodes to each book, meaning a lot of important things don't get left out, as well as adding more backstory about a certain secret organization and introducing more characters involved in the twists and turns that go way deeper (deeper like, say tunnels?) than what the Beaudelaire children see or will even know. I can't wait for season 2!! (I'm actually so excited for their take on The Ersatz Elevator, which for some reason is one of my favorites of the series. I have no idea why, I just love it!)


Amazon Studios
Thank god for Amazon Prime free 30 day trials! This show is so good, I can't believe I've waited this long to see it. It imagines a world where the Allies lost World War II: and Japan and Germany have divided up the United States. It's the exact definition of a dystopian nightmare because it really seems like it could have happened. There's a lot of spy drama that's hard to follow (at least to me. Thankfully I am not a spy. Or am I...?) but the actual human drama, mixed with some romantic entanglement, of course, is thrilling and will keep you hooked. I'm not usually into sci-fi, but this mixes historical past facts with a theoretical past(s) and future(s), that you won't find it at all hard to imagine or even believe. A third season is coming soon and I'm hooked so I need to see it, so does this mean I have to actually subscribe to Amazon Prime to watch it now?

Well played, Amazon Prime. Well played.

Amazon Studios

Moana! My favorite Disney movie in a long, long time! (I'm not including Pixar movies, for obvious reasons. Inside Out was extraordinary) It's a wonderful female empowerment movie (no love story here!), of determination and breaking the mold. Plus, the animation is astounding, the story is so different and fun, AND IT'S A MUSICAL!!! The songs are all by the quadruple threat (singing, acting, dancing, AND rapping) Lin-Manuel Miranda, so the songs are catchy and heartfelt as hell. Plus, who knew Dwayne Johnson can carry a tune??? As if he wasn't likable enough!!


Universal Pictures
Have you seen Get Out? If not, you need to. If you have, then you know exactly why I'm imploring people to see it. It's a horror movie, but with a very important observation on this "post-race" world and how racism, no matter how how everyone denies that they aren't racist, is still alive and well. The movie is scary, it's smart, and it makes you think and start an important conversation. The social commentary is brilliant alone, but the movie is also an extremely well done horror movie. It doesn't need a supernatural antagonist to make you jump- people you encounter everyday do just fine taking the place of a malevolent spirit who's after you soul. The movie will make think and send a shiver down your spine that you'll feel for the rest of the day!

Universal Pictures

*Sigh* I cannot begin to explain how excited I was for a live action Beauty and the Beast! I fell in love with the live action Cinderella, so hearing of another live action Disney remake made my inner Disney nerd a quiver. Beauty and the Beast did not disappoint, though I think I still like Cinderella a tad bit better because there were a few things about Beauty and the Beast that kind of bothered me. While Emma Watson fits the bill of Belle perfectly and she wasn't a terrible singer, you can tell singing is not really her strong suit, and the autotune on her voice was a tad annoying. Also, did anyone find Lumiere as a candlestick a little freaky looking? And it was actually a bit hard to find Dan Stevens attractive wearing an 18th century white powder wig and frilly frocks (and he's a dang good looking guy! It was just that the 18th century hair pieces and clothing were a bit too...Marie Antoinette gaudy. I almost kind of wished he had stayed the Beast. Seriously, they made the beast On the plus sides of the movie, the visuals were ah-mazing (the Be Our Guest scene was spectacular), the songs were lovely and gave me chills, and I honestly thought the scene-stealers of the whole movie were Luke Evans as Gaston (so cocky and ridiculous. You can tell he had fun hamming it up) and Josh Gad as LeFou (who gains some redemption and self respect at the end, thank goodness). Not perfect, but it proves that Disney can still make some great remakes that hold the same magic that the originals do. Bravo!

(One last thing: I love Emma Thompson, she did a great job in the movie, but Angela Lansbury IS Mrs. Potts. *mike drop*)



Safiya Nygaard
You may recognize Safiya from working at Buzzfeed, but now she's running her own, very successful YouTube channel with over one million subscribers (take THAT, Buzzfeed! No seriously, I'm just kidding, Buzzfeed, please hire me). She's smart, she's funny, and her videos are so creative and entertaining. From trying weird makeup trends, to trying those really hideous jeans with the clear patches for a week (I honestly don't know how she made it through that week, but it's Safiya, she's awesome, so how can I doubt her?), you'll seriously want her to be your best friend after you watch just one of her videos. Also, is she my twin? She loves quarter length sleeves tops (ME!), she's a Harry Potter fan (totally me!), was sorted into Ravenclaw on Pottermore (so me!), AND she got a freaking BLACKBIRD as her Patronus (me, me, MEEEE! Except I took the quiz a second time and got a ginger cat. Read about it here)!! Talk about my human spirit animal!

Subscribe to Safiya here

Buzzfeed Unsolved- Supernatural
There's two things I love in this world: Buzzfeed and the supernatural. Put those two things together, and you get one of the best series ever! It's spooky AND hilarious, you'll love it! (Though: spoiler alert- they don't actually solve any of the supernatural mysteries of say, the ghosts on the Queen Mary or even Bigfoot. But it's all super fun AND interesting!) Also, Ryan and Shane are the perfect dream team, one being a believer (Ryan) and a skeptic (Shane), but are both hilarious and have a great back and forth that helps alleviate the creepy moments with some definitely laugh out loud moments. If one of them leaves the show, then I RIOT!

Subscribe to BuzzfeedBlue here and watch the Buzzfeed Unsolved-Supernatural series playlist here

Cherry Wallis
Girl. Is. Living. My. Dream. Life!! Well, you know, if I was good at makeup, was crafty, and an extremely cute, and personable, which I'm not. BUT, she's a huge Harry Potter fan, she lives in England (and visits the Harry Potter Studio Tour seemingly all the time), and is all around just a cute human being that I'm living vicariously through whenever I watch one of her videos. Her life is exactly what I want my life to be and she is basically all that I aspire to be, cute Emma-Watson-British accent and all. I mean, her name is freaking CHERRY! How cute is that??? 🍒

Subscribe to Cherry here

Odds & Ends:

That Weird Girl Life
In case you didn't know me: hi, nice to meet you, I'm Emily, and I'm weird and like weird things. So does it really surprise you to know that I collect harlequin/Pierrot dolls? No, well good, because I do! I'm always on the lookout for cute ones (I'm very particular about the ones I like) and I happened to come across one at one of my favorite used bookstores that also has a corner filled with knick knacks of all kinds. I spotted this gorgeous one next to a very creepy collectible doll (and MY doll isn't scary, she's cute! Don't be mean!) and I knew I had to have her (meaning the Pierrot doll, not the creepy Victorian doll that would probably devour my soul while I slept). I'm debating on whether or not to keep her in the box, just to preserve her good condition (though I feel bad that she has a baggie on her head. That's no way to live, right?), but look how cute she is!! I'm so happy to add her to my collection.

That Weird Girl Life
Also, I kind of hope that she's haunted. Is that too far? Just in case, I think I'll keep her in the box...

That Weird Girl Life
And I swear she has a mouth, it's just covered by her ruffled collar!

What did you guys think of this MASSIVE (and very belated) monthly favorites post? Have you seen any of the movies I mentioned? Did you love them too? Or maybe you hated them. (But how could you hate Moana??) Let me know in the comments and I'll be back soon with my next Monthly Favorites! (I swear it won't take as long to come out as this one!)

Stay Weird,
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