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November 2016 Monthly Favorites!

It's that time of month...November Monthly Favorites time! I don't have too many favorites this month, just because I've been spending more money on family and friends for their Christmas presents than on things for me. Which is kind of how I like it. Now that I've gotten older, giving presents (and shopping for them) is much more fun than getting gifts, hands down. But of course, I still have some favorites this month that I'm happy to share with you. From my new favorite movie to songs and candles, my favorites this month look, sound, and smell really, really good! (In my opinion. And also minus that guilty pleasure show. Nevermind, just read and you'll see) Enjoy!

Warner Bros.
 If you've seen my last blog post all about my thoughts on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, then you know that I freaking LOVED Fantastic Beasts! It is currently my #1 obsession at the moment, with very good reason: we're back in the wizarding world, and in the roaring 1920's New York City, at that! We're introduced to a whole group of new characters to love and root for (Newt Scamander, of course, and Tina, Queenie, and Jacob) and some baddies we've only heard about in past Potter books (GRINDELWALD and the guy who plays him! Talk about controversial!!). Plus, we get to meet a whole bunch of Newt's magical creatures, who all happen to live in his enchanted suitcase (which honestly, is everything I want in life. A magical suitcase FILLED with fantastical creatures). And you know what the best thing about this whole thing is? This is the FIRST movie, in a series of FIVE movies, all from JK Rowling's wonderful, imaginative brain. Sure, I'll be in my thirties (*sobs*) when the last one will be released, but I am so incredibly excited that JK Rowling is sharing more about the history of the wizarding world (pre-Harry) with us! Especially in a different time period and different countries in the world! (Though I'm still not sure how I feel about calling Muggles no-majs)
So basically what I'm trying to say is that I'm currently counting down till the next movie comes out. Or the next time I see Fantastic Beasts. Which I hope is soon. Once is not enough!

But as happy as I am about having more Newt & co in my life, we all know the Fantastic Beasts series will only work if this little guy (or gal...?) is featured in ALL of the movies:

Warner Bros.
Ugh, I looooooove the Niffler soooo much!! 💗💗💗


Album: Joanne- Lady Gaga

I'm soooo late to the party but I finally got around to listening to Joanne and my god, is it good! My current favs are "Joanne" (obvs), "Diamond Heart," "Hey Girl," and "Million Reasons." And I'm one of those people who is NOT a fan of  the song "Perfect Illusion." Gaga is amazing, but that song? Um, no.

Song: Bad Things- Machine Gun Kelly, Camila Cabello

Have you ever listened to something on repeat for days? As in, LITERAL DAYS? This song has been stuck in my head and in my ears (via earbuds) for at least two days now. I cannot get enough of it. It's catchy, pretty, melodic, but lyrical with some pretty awesome rapping in it by Machine Gun Kelly (who I hadn't heard of before but I actually really like his rap style. Is that a thing? Rap style? I'm not a rap or music expert, I have no idea). You really have to wonder if the song was made in some super secret music lab where they specifically concoct really catchy songs, designed to stay hooked in your head forever. And I'm not mad at ALL about that, or the fact that I'm constantly playing it on repeat, have in stuck in my head, and then squeal with delight whenever I hear it on the radio. Now hold on while I go play it on repeat again...

Song: Make Me (Cry)- Noah Cyrus feat. Labyrinth

Okay, I was super skeptical when I first heard this song. Noah Cyrus? As in Miley Cyrus's little sister? But then I heard the song and oh my! It's so catchy and GOOD! And while Noah Cyrus's voice is alright (it's like a less intense version of Miley's nasally and deep singing voice. Which isn't a bad thing! I'm just saying...) it's Labyrinth's voice which is the biggest and best surprise of the song. His voice is smooth, melodious, full of emotion, and to me, literally makes the song. This is another jam that's been on repeat in my earbuds (though not as much as Bad Things, haha). Listen to the song for the catchy-ness of the tune, but stay for Labyrinth's amazing vocals 😍

My Entertainment Holdings/Travel Channel
This is so embarrassing. This shouldn't be a surprise, but I love ghost hunting reality TV shows. My all time favorite is Paranormal State (Catholic-centric though it is, and minus all the drama that's surrounding founder Ryan Buell right now) and of course, I love Ghost Hunters. But since I'm like most people now and don't have cable, I turn to streaming services to binge-watch reality TV, especially now that I'm in the mood for some good ol' ghost hunting. Which is why I've turned to Netflix and Ghost Adventures, the most embarrassing of ghost hunting reality TV.

The show mainly consists of three guys, being all over-dramatic and "bro"-ing, "dude"-ing, and swearing whenever they hear ghostly footsteps/voices/breathing/feel cold/feel touched/etc (and don't get me started on their baggy pants, tight shirts, and awful tattoos. SO bro-ish) And they have a remarkable "talent" (that was sarcasm, by the way) for hearing clear words and phrases in very inaudible EVPs (electronic voice phenomena aka when you hear and try to decipher ghostly voices on a recorded tape). All of which doesn't make their investigating very professional, if they're constantly making noise and trying to "provoke" a spirit to show itself or prove that it's actually there.

But despite all of this, I keep going back to it, mainly because I'm desperate for some ghost hunting action, scares, and a few rare creepy EVPs. And honestly? As over-dramatic and somewhat pretentious as these guys are, it's sort of fun to watch. I'm jealous that they get to go to haunted locations and investigate, and that because of the show, it's their JOB (I wonder what their job description says on their taxes!). So until Netflix adds a better ghost hunting show (I'm crossing my fingers for Ghost Hunters because they have the most episodes and seasons!), I guess I'll be watching Ghost Adventures, and secretly-kind-of enjoying it. (But shhh, don't tell. You'll ruin my reputation by thinking that I like a total bro show! I'm in it for the ghosts only!)

Odds & Ends:

While I was at Bath and Body Works buying a few Christmas presents for people (and practically suffocating to death in the store, since there were so many people crammed in the store. Is it just me or is Bath and Body Works the most crowded store in any mall around Christmas time??), and I saw my absolute favorite candle of all time, Champagne Toast, was BACK and even though I was there to buy presents for other people, you have to treat yourself every once in a while, right? I really love this candle's scent. It smells so familiar, like I've smelled it before, but I can never place exactly where or when. But to me, the smell is so comforting- especially since I'm not even really a big fan of champagne. It's a pretty smelling mix of (according to the label) zesty champagne, wild berries, and tangerine zest. They only have it in stock once a year around this time and I knew I had to snatch one up before they were sold out! Apparently it burns for 25-45 hours but I'm going to use it sparingly so I can make it last the whole year. It's a lovely yet different holiday smell that's perfect for Christmas or New Year's or any other time of year. It smells sooo good, I love it!


Funny story: I was buying some word magnets for a friend on Etsy, when I saw these Harry Potter ones and bought them with the intention of giving them to another friend. But when they arrived, I knew that I couldn't give them away and decided to keep them for myself. Oops! Sorry other friend. Guess you're getting another present this year! These word magnets from LogophilesAnonymous on Etsy are so cool and fun. They come in this cute, clear take out box and all of the magnets have different nouns, verbs, and adjectives, all having to do with the different book/movie universes-you can get an Arrested Development one, a zombie apacolypse one, and so many more so you can make up your own sentences or even stories. The one I bought was obviously Harry Potter themed and feature names, places, and objects from the Harry Potter universe! I'm having so much fun already: I can have Luna and Neville meet up in the Shrieking Shack or I can free Dobby and all of the Hogwarts house elves! And I can only imagine the kind of fanfic one could come up to with this box of HP word magnets! (Not that I would do such a thing, of course! Minus the rendevous at the Shrieking Shack between Luna and Neville)

What did you think of November's favorites this month? It's so weird not to include a book! I feel like I'm always reading something, but nothing so far has made quite the impact that I've wanted to include it in my favorites. But I'm hoping that changes soon! Let me know in the comments if you loved Fantastic Beasts as much as me!

Stay Weird,
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