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August 2016 Monthly Favorites!

It's that time of month again! No, not Aunt Flo (though she's been very dependable and on schedule lately), but that other monthly thing! My list of things that I love for this month of August! There aren't too many things on my list (I'm trying to be a good adult and not spend too much money- I have a super exciting trip coming up that I want to keep secret until I write about it on this blog! Just you wait- it's a good one!) but of course I still do have some favorites that I'd love to share with you. Hope you enjoy reading about all of the cute and creepy/Halloween-ish things I've been obsessed with this month!

Clothing & Accessories:

Photo by That Weird Girl Life

Photo by That Weird Girl Life
I found this Olde Book Purse over on ThinkGeek while I was bored out of my mind house-sitting a couple of weeks ago. I instantly fell in love with it and debated on whether or not I should get it for an upcoming trip (crossbodies with a zipper are the BEST for travel aka more difficult for pickpockets to...pickpocket it) when the very next day when I went back to stare at it longingly (I do that a lot for things I want to buy online but I know I shouldn't. I just go back everyday to stare at them and imagine how much better everything would be if I just had it in my life) and saw that ThinkGeek was having a sale on certain items, the book purse included!!! I pounced on that opportunity and I'm so happy I did.

The purse is perfect. Compact, but not too small, and the purse strap is adjustable and totally a crossbody length! And let's not even forget to mention how dang cute this purse is. It's made of faux-leather but looks like an old leather book, and it has a zipper on the top, along with a strap along the top that latches on the side of the purse to a clasp that looks like a lock. And the bottom of the purse is the spine of the book!! So genius and cute! I'm a little obsessed with this bag so I really hope it lasts a long, long time. I highly recommend it to any fellow bookworms who are looking for a new purse. Get ready for the onslaught of compliments!

Buy the Olde Book Purse from ThinkGeek here


2014 B*witched Partnership Ltd.
I loved B*Witched as a kid. LOVED them. I remember when C'est La Vie came out. It was such a big hit and B*Witched was everywhere. Those four girls were the coolest. The denim, the colorful hair streaks, the Irish accents, the snazzy dance moves. I adored them! I listened to their first CD (and their Rollercoaster single album) on repeat and bought their book when it came out (it was about them and BY them. Completely authorized!!). I was so excited to buy their second album, Awake and Breathe (a bit different from their first album. More grown up and serious. I still loved it though. But what was up with Red Indian Girl? That would not fly today!) but soon after that, I stopped hearing about B*Witched. For years I wondered where Keavy, Edele, Lindsay (my favorite), and Sinead went....

When this month (years and years later!) I somehow stumbled upon the fact that B*Witched had REUNITED (for a reality show called The Big Reunion a few years ago, but still) and MADE AN ALBUM (it only has six songs on it but still)!!!! THIS is why I need to live in the UK!!! But I digress.

Their new(ish) album is called Champagne or Guinness, and though only six songs long, it still has that classic B*Witched Irish pop sound, but more adult and modern (think more EDM and dance club ready. But not as pretentious). I freaking adore it! My favorites are Love & Money, Fighting For the Drop, We've Forgotten How, and The Stars Are Ours. It totally gave me the feels for B*Witched's glory days but also made me super happy that they could still make music just as catchy and fun as they used to.

I also binge-watched all of The Big Reunion on Youtube (the many disadvantages of not living in the UK. That and not knowing B*Witched had reunited and TOURED until years after the fact!) and just skipped to the parts with B*Witched so I could learn all of the drama that went down during the height of their fame (the other girls were jealous of Edele's solos! Edele and Lindsay literally never spoke to one another and weren't friends! Keavy was depressed! Edele and Sinead had a falling out!). It was such a trip down memory lane and so much fun to watch! However, the biggest shock for me was that Sinead is a brunette now. Things have changed!! But I'm hoping the girls will set aside the time and still make music. My sad adult life needs more new B*Witched music in it!

And just for fun, let's look at B*Witched then and now (well, a few years ago):


That denim though!!!
And now....

Daaayuuuumm, ladies! Looking fierce! Work it!

The feels!! The feels!! I can't take it!!! B*Witched forever!!


Atria/Keywords Press
Confession time: I may have purchased and read It Gets Worse in the last few days of July but am now making it an August monthly favorite. I know, I'm terrible! And I was even thinking of writing a book review of it, but soon realized that it would be an incredibly biased review because I absolutely love Shane Dawson. I started watching his videos a few years ago and was (and still am) obsessed with his daily vlogs (and his other videos, too, don't get me wrong!). I think he's absolutely hilarious, in a very irreverent and out there way. His videos never fail to make me laugh and I look forward to whenever he posts a new episode of his podcast Shane & Friends (#podsquad!). 

A year or so ago I read his first book I Hate Myselfie and liked it (not loved, just liked), but I was still looking forward to reading his new book. In my (not at all important) opinion, I thought It Gets Worse was absolutely hilarious and heartfelt and so much better than his first book (not that there was anything wrong with his first book! Again, I liked it). For all of the controversy that surrounds Shane's videos and humor (his style of comedy isn't for everyone), people forget that he's had his struggles and yet he's very open about sharing stories from his past and making what could have been utterly sad or depressing stories have a positive or humorous spin. I literally laughed out loud while reading the book, and had to blink away tears while reading a chapter or two. It was so fun and riveting that I read it late into the night, because I didn't want to stop reading until I had finished every last real life story. Shane's excellent story-telling skills are always entertaining in video form, but It Gets Worse proves that they translate just as well in the written form.

So if you're looking for a hilarious but with a hint of heartfelt and earnest memoir/books of essays, Shane's new book is definitely for you! If you read it let me know what you think!

Where to Buy:
Barnes & Noble

Or, check out a copy from your local library!

Subscribe to Shane Dawson's channels:
Shane Dawson TV (Main Channel)
Shane (iPhone, vlogging, everyday videos)

Youtube Channels & Videos:

There's no denying it: I love watching YouTube. The hours I have wasted watching obscure and random videos are numerous and can't be counted. I watch a bunch of YouTubers you may have heard of (like Shane Dawson, mentioned above), but I've also discovered some new YouTube channels that I haven't been able to stop watching lately. Here are four (kind of five) that I've recently discovered:

ClevverTV and CleverStyle
But more specifically, ClevverTV's Cheat Day videos and ClevverStyle's Beauty Break videos. ClevverTV is a huge YouTube channel (and sub-channels) that offers pop culture news, celeb interviews, and entertainment. But I first found Cheat Day (all about trying extreme themed foods- good and bad. They seem to throw up a lot on it) and Beauty Break (trying out various beauty products. Informative but mostly very, very funny) through (you guessed it) Shane Dawson who has appeared on both. From there I've been ravenously watching those segments, which mainly feature ClevverTV hosts Joslyn Davis (adorable and so, so positive) and Lily Marston (my spirit animal. Loves In N Out burgers, junk food, and pizza and we have the same laid-back and casual style!). The other hosts are all entertaining, but Joslyn and Lily are my favorites and they're even better when they're together. They have an excellent back and forth and their complete opposite personalities meld perfectly together. Give both channels and segments a chance and I bet you'll fall in love (and out of your chair from laughing so hard)!

Subscribe to ClevverTV here and ClevverStyle here

Also, #yesprune! (It's a Beauty Break thing)

Corpse Husband, Lazy Masquerade, and Mr. Nightmare
I don't think it's any surprise that I'm always in the mood for something scary. Whether it's a scary book, movie, TV show or whatever, I'm in, no matter what! It's pretty much Halloween for me every single day of the year. Which leads me to these incredibly creepy and riveting YouTube Channels. If you're in the mood for lists of disturbing things (videos, photos, scary murders, websites, even Youtube videos) or just creepy readings of spooky "true" stories (close encounters with murderers, psychopaths, intruders, ghosts, and so much more!) from readers or Reddit (narrated by Corpse Husband, Lazy Masquerade, and Mr. Nightmare in a very eerie yet not over dramatic and silly way), these YouTube channels and videos have got you covered if you want to get freaked not just around Halloween, but anytime of year!

Subscribe to Corpse Husband here, Lazy Masquerade here and Mr. Nightmare here

So, what did everyone think of this month's Monthly Favorites? Let me know in the comments! See you next month for September's Monthly Favorites!!

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