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July 2016 Monthly Favorites!

Ready to know what my favorites have been for this month?? Well, the wait is over! Here's what I'm loving this month.* Oh, and head's up, I've been watching a LOT of TV this month. (Don't judge) Enjoy!

*Sadly though, I don't have any favorite books to suggest at this point. The last few I've read have been duds. Also, I wanted to add Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script book, since it will be released July 31st, but I figured that counted as cheating since I wouldn't have read it yet, but I assume it's going to be mind-blowing. So some things that have been released in July might turn up in my August Monthly Favorites, as I actually like to experience/read/use them before suggesting them ;)

Clothes & Apparel:

If you were a 90's kid like me, then I am assuming you know exactly what jelly shoes are and why it's SUCH a big deal that they've finally made a comeback- not just for little girls, like they were marketed towards in the 90's, but now in sizes for GROWN ASS WOMEN LIKE ME!! I found these cuties on ASOS (though they have others on Modcloth and other online stores) and decided on the clear sparkly kind, since they seemed a lot more versatile and could go with SO many different outfits (but they come in other fun colors too!). I can't tell you how much I had missed that plastic, rubbery smell and the squeaky sounds as you walk in these sandals. Ah, the memories.... and the blisters. And a bit of chaffing. But so worth it!! (Your feet get used to the shoes after a while, trust me)

Get Jelly Gladiator Sandals (like mine!) from ASOS here


On July 12th I headed straight to the see my queen Halsey with one of my best friends. Can I just say that Halsey, the ultimate pop-rock goddess/flawless human being totally killed it? If you're not acquainted with Halsey and her music, please go listen right now because it's just so good and so catchy. She put on a hell of show, full of energy (note the first picture below of her gracing the pit concert goers with effortless beauty and talent), positive vibes (note the second below picture I took of the "Send Love" stage background), and fantastic vocals (I can't portray how awesome her vocals were with a picture. Sorry.). All in all, it was one fantastic night and one of the best concerts I've been to in a long time!

Photo by That Weird Girl Life
Photo by That Weird Girl Life
If you haven't listened to Halsey (if so, you can't see but I'm gasping in shock!), please check out her debut album, "Badlands," featuring hit songs like "New Americana," "Colors," and my very personal favorite song, the one that made me fall in love with Halsey's music and when the music for it started to play during the concert I screamed as I have never screamed before, "Ghost." (Seriously, "Ghost" is so good, go watch the music video right now on Youtube!

Other Odds & Ends:

So, I'm not usually one to very often give in to compulsive shopping urges. I'm pretty good at taking a step back and asking myself: Do I really need it? (Always emphasis the word "need" in your head) I'll give you the short version of the story: when into Michaels craft store with my friend, saw all of these adorable lunchboxes from Happy Jackson London and fell in love with this particular mint green one (with a yellow bottom and a black and white stretchy band to hold it together) that said Salad, Nuts & Fruits then written under that: Crisps, Cake and Chocolate. So cute and so appealing (and so British!) to me trying to eat healthy and then failing miserably with my very prominent and pushy sweet tooth. I ended up going back later to buy one for my friend....Then I went back another time to buy one for me (the one I just described that is pictured down below) and another for my sister...and then I went back again to buy another one for my other sister! So all in all, I bought four, three of which were totally different sizes, colors, and had different sayings on them. They were all super cute and a bit hit with everyone I gave one to! I adore mine and obviously plan on keeping my stash of chocolate and candy in there.

Photo by That Weird Girl Life

Photo by That Weird Girl Life

Photo by That Weird Girl Life
I found my lunchbox at a Michaels craft store, but apparently Happy Jackson London products are sold in the UK and internationally at different chain stores. But Happy Jackson London has a website, and they also sell their things online through Temptation Gifts. (Guess where I'll be virtually window-shopping from now on!)


The CW
If ever there was a show that everyone should be watching, it's Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. This dramedy on the CW is criminally under-watched and unappreciated despite it's lead Rachel Bloom winning an Emmy for it. She plays Rebecca Bunch, an unhappy and depressed lawyer in NYC, when one day she runs into her ex-boyfriend from when she was 16, Josh Chan, and learning he lives in California, decides to make a change and move to his hometown since he talked about it so highly. Oh, and because she's been in love with him since they were 16 but he broke up with her. And obviously running into him means that they're meant to be. Did I mention that Rebecca is a little mentally unstable? I should have mentioned that. What follows is Rebecca's big move of quitting her job and moving to sunny West Covina, California, where she tries to start over and get back into Josh's life- despite him having a girlfriend. While Rebecca does seem a little "crazy" (she imagines her life as a musical and yes that means fabulous original songs from ALL of the characters. It's pretty amazing), I completely understand the things she's going through: we've all been that crazy ex-girlfriend. Rebecca just has the gumption to act out the "crazy" things we've only thought of doing to win back an ex. With a bunch of crazy side characters that also worm their way into your heart, and some hilarious scenarios and lines and musical numbers, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend follows Rebecca's journey to finding happiness, love, and to finally figure herself out. It's heartwarming, heartbreaking, and hilarious. And the winning feminist commentary and musical numbers are EVERYTHING. Do yourself a favor and watch it! (Oh, and I'm totally in love with Greg which is why I put a picture of Rebecca looking lovingly at him. Just end up together already!!)

The CW

If there was ever a show to binge-watch, this would be it. When they announced that Winona Ryder was going to be on a sci-fi Netflix show based in the 80's, I was on board! The show did not disappoint either. I watched all of the episodes in a few days and then almost wanted to cry when I saw that there were only eight episodes in the first season and then realized I would have to wait for who knows how long for the second season. So basically, I really liked it. Winona Ryder plays a single mom of two boys, when the youngest, Will, suddenly disappears one night. Soon, the whole town is looking for him, including the small town's sheriff, Will's mom and brother, and Will's Dungeons and Dragons playing friends. Then more disappearances happen and strange sightings of a faceless creature are reported. Around that same time, a mysterious young girl with a shaved head with the number 11 tattooed on her arm shows up and helps reveals knowledge about some strange things that are happening in town and in the government facility right next to it. It's a wonderful throwback to sci-fi movies of the 80's, like E.T., Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and even Poltergeist, but with a very dark and overall creepy undertone. The banter and humor between the kids reminded me of The Goonies and Winona Ryder is perfect as a frazzled mom who is determined to find her son, even if no one believes that he isn't really dead. It's a perfect of mix sci-fi, an homeage to the 80's, and a great story-line and will leave you hooked. (I really need to know what happens next!!! I'm praying rumors a second season release date start circulating soon...)


The Great British Baking Show/PBS
Ready? Set? Bake! If those words get you pumped for some baking, then you're probably like me and LOVE The Great British Baking Show (or The Great British Bake Off if you live in the UK. You lucky dog...)! I've been watching this show for a few seasons now and I just adore it.  Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry (best name ever, btw) are baking experts and the show's judges, and I love the hosts Mel and Sue, who are not only quick with jokes and witty baking puns, but they offer a great level of support to all the contestants. All of said contestants are British, and all love baking at home and are now competing to be the best home baker in Britain. Each week is a different category: pastry, desserts, breads, etc. It's a carb/sweets lover's (aka ME) dream!  The best part of the show (besides the amazing bakes from the home chefs, of course) is the fact that unlike in American reality shows, contestants on this show are supportive towards one another, joking, laughing, and encouraging each others through everyone's triumphs and defeats. It's incredibly refreshing to see people competing in a healthy and very enjoyable way, instead of pitting against and sabotaging one another. If only all reality TV could be this lovely- and look so delicious too! (Seriously. I can't wait this show without eating a baked good. It's literally impossible!)

BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bourdillon

I think it is safe to say that I am obsessed with Shameless right now. I watched a few episodes of the original British version of the show (and was incredibly surprised and pleased to see that James McAvoy was on it back in the day!) and liked it, but other things distracted me (sorry, James!). But the other week I saw that they had added the US version of Shameless and decided to give it a try, out of curiosity. And. I. Got. HOOKED. I've been shamelessly (get it? I know, that was bad) binge-watching all of the seasons that they currently have of it on Netflix. I don't think I've ever gasped, laughed, and yelled at a TV show as much as I've done all of those things while watching Shameless (not even Game of Thrones!) I've grown to love and mildly resent the dysfunctional Gallagher clan, much like I would my own family. From the alcoholic patriarch Frank to big sister Fiona who takes care of everyone to the rest of the younger kids (Lip! Ian! Debbie! Carl! And little Liam!), all in living in the South Side of Chicago, the show is great because all of the characters are so human; we follow them on their own individual journeys, their (many) ups and downs (emotionally and financially). We cheer with them when they have a personal triumph, and want to shake them senseless when they do something stupid or destructive, especially to themselves (the fourth season though....oh my god!). I am utterly devoted and addicted to the Gallaghers, because after you watch them for so long, they really do feel like family, and you always want the best for family. Oh, and next door neighbors Kevin and Veronica are totally #relationshipgoals (minus that one thing in season 3 with V's mom...I'd explain, but you'd just have to watch and see!)

What did you think of my favorites this month?? Have you seen any of these shows? What have been your favorites this month?

See you later, fellow weirdos!

-That Weird Girl Emily
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