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June 2016 Monthly Favorites!

Do you ever have certain things that you're just fangirling over at the moment? It happens to me all the time with so many things. So I've decided to share all of the things that I've been obsessed with each month (starting with this month of June) with you in this new feature about my monthly favorites! Enjoy and let me know if you are loving or obsessing over these things too!

Warner Bros.
You may have noticed that I love the books Me Before You and After You because I wrote a favorable review of After You. So I had extremely high hopes for the movie, starring Emilia Clarke (Daenerys Targaryen on Game of Thrones) and Sam Claflin (Finnick Odair from Hunger Games) and after seeing it, I was not disappointment. I laughed, I cried, laughed some more, and then cried a bit (aka a lot) more. It was both uplifting and heartbreaking and stayed true to the original book (author JoJo Moyes penned the screenplay). Despite where you may stand on the controversy of the subject matter of the movie, the film was extremely well done and I high recommend it. But I dare you to get through it without crying. I dare you!

Warner Bros.

Warner Pictures
You know how I said that I was super excited for Me Before You? "Excited" doesn't begin to cover how I was feeling when I heard that my favorite horror movie of recent years, The Conjuring, was getting a sequel. And not only was it going to be set in England (I'm a hardcore Anglophile) but it was going to be about the Enfield poltergeist with an added feature of the Amityville horror house. Um, yes please, thank you! I am so there. The Conjuring 2 definitely lived up to the hype that I had set up for it and myself watching it. I think the first movie may have been slightly scarier, but this one was incredibly good and still offered so many jump scares and terrifying images. During these hot summer months this will definitely chill you to the bones and give you goosebumps. James Wan, you did it again!

Warner Pictures


Sony Music Entertainment
Are you ready for the most underrated hit of the summer? Aussie group the Veronicas (twins Jess and Lisa) have released the best summer jam! I have been a fan of the Veronicas for years and one thing I love about them is that their music varies from pop rock to electric pop to acoustic. In My Blood is an electric pop dance gem that I've been playing on repeat with the volume blasted to 11. It's a catchy ode to all encompassing love that you'll be grooving to for weeks because you can't get it out of your head.

Did I ever mention that I got to see the Veronicas for the very first time at an acoustic show last year? It was probably the highlight of last year for me. They completely killed it! Look how cute they are!

Photo by That Weird Girl Emily

St. Martin's Press
If there's anything I love more than historical fiction, it's historical fiction that sucks you up into the story and WILL NOT LET YOU GO. This is exactly what Daisy Goodwin's book, The Fortune Hunter did to me. I had read Goodwin's first book, The American Heiress, after my friend Britt let me borrow it (hey, Britt!) and it's Downton Abbey vibes totally sucked me in. The Fortune Hunter is just as engrossing, juicy, and drama-filled. Focusing on Empress Elizabeth of Austria's visit to England in 1875 and features a tense and sometimes heart-breaking triangle between said Empress, a handsome captain/expert horseman, and a young heiress who is a budding photographer (a new fad and technology during this time). With lush descriptions of real-life historical figures and events, but with embellished drama, this is a great read that I cannot recommend enough. You'll literally fly through the book and spend the entire weekend reading it, instead of working on your blog. (Oh, that was just me. Never mind. But read the book, it's reeeaaallly good!)

 Read The Fortune Hunter:
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Other Odds & Ends:

Photo by That Weird Girl Emily
I stumbled across Frostbeard Studio while Instagram stalking hot actors from the Harry Potter movies looking at book-ish things on Instagram. Book-ish inspired candles? (And wax tarts!) I'm so there! The one that really caught my eye was, of course, Harry Potter inspired. Called Headmaster's Office, it has notes of vanilla, fireplace, and a hint of lemon (for Dumbledore's love of lemon candies). To me, that sounded exactly how I imagined Dumbledore's office to smell. I ordered it and I wasn't disappointed! It's musky yet sweet but overall quite cozy. I also ordered another HP inspired scent, Wizardy Buttery Drink, which smells like Butterbeer personified. Not only do Frostbeard Studio's candles smell great, their customer service is truly terrific. Their candles arrived in the mail in a couple of days and I had a problem with another candle (bad reaction) and they were more than helpful in letting me exchange it at no cost. I love supporting small businesses and they were so kind and cooperative to me, plus their candles are everything! Check them out here! Sign up for their rewards program and you can get a discount on future orders!

What did you guys think of my monthly favorites?? If you saw The Conjuring 2, did you think it was as scary as the first? And did you sob as much as I did while watching Me Before You?

Stay Weird,
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