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I Got My First Tattoo! (Shh...Don't Tell My Parents)

As a millennial (I label myself that very hesitantly), I've wanted a tattoo for years. With all of the tattoo shows that were so popular in the mid to late 2000's (Miami Ink, LA Ink, etc) and then with all of the emo bands I was into (yes, I was an emo kid. Want proof? My favorite band was From First to Last. Never heard of them? THEN YOU PROBABLY WEREN'T AN EMO KID), it was pretty much a right of passage to get a tattoo. A tattoo meant you were progressive, alternative, and most of all, bad ass.

But guess what: even though I wanted to get a tattoo for years and years and years, I never did get one. Why, you may ask?

Well, for one, I never could decide exactly on what I wanted. For a while I wanted a small tattoo on my wrist. A broken heart, perhaps? (Cause I'm totally a heartbreaker) A nautical star? (Traditional, classic) A huge chest tattoo of a bat? (Dear God, I don't know what I was thinking with that one)

Obviously, it was a damn good thing that I didn't get a tattoo when I was younger. Because I had no idea what the hell I wanted.

Fast forward to December 2015. I had just broken up with my boyfriend and moved back in with my parents (remember that story from my last blog post?), I was feeling restless from the post-breakup blues. I was through wallowing but I wanted to do something reckless and just for me. Something to show myself that life goes on and I'm moving forward. It was time. Time for me to get a tattoo.

So one Thursday, I decided that that night was the night. I stopped at an ATM, got out some cash, and drove over to my nearest tattoo shop (please note that I did research before I picked a tattoo shop. I looked at various shops on Yelp! and picked one that had some of the best reviews. Don't go to a random tattoo shop! Do your research!). Of course, before I went in I had to text my friends and let them know what I was doing. Also, I needed the encouragement. They were very supportive and said "go, go do it!" There was no going back now. I confessed my plans and now I had to do it.

My tattoo artist was very nice though in my nervousness/anxiety as soon as he said his name, I automatically forgot it. It was either Johnny, Jimmy, or possibly Jamie. Something that started with a J and ended in a hard E sound. J, as I will call him here, took the time to explain what he was doing and warned me that it might hurt, but everyone has a different pain tolerance. I told him that as a cat person, I've had my fair share of cat scratches, and he replied: "Oh yeah. You'll be fine."

And I was. It barely hurt. It felt more like a deep vibration with a slight sting than anything else. Cat scratches are MUCH worse. Five minutes later, I was done and I had my very first tattoo! It was a little anticlimactic but I was thrilled that I had finally gotten a tattoo.

Want to know what exactly it was? As anyone who has ever read my blog knows, I absolutely love Harry Potter. I first read it when I was younger and the story has stuck with me through the years. I wanted to honor my love of it, so what better way than with a tattoo? So I decided on the three stars on both sides of each page of the American versions of the Harry Potter books. Here's a picture for reference:

For my first tattoo, I wanted to go small (I didn't know what my pain tolerance was but obviously since I'm a crazy cat lady I was more prepared than I thought) and I wanted a place where it could hidden and not on permanent display (even thought it is, in fact, very permanent). I therefore concluded that near my left collar bone/shoulder would be the perfect place. Here's the proof!

Notice the left of the picture, with my very red skin. That was after I peeled off the industrial strength tape J put over the gauze. He recommended that I take a shower and then try to peel it off. I did and it still hurt like hell. Worth it though!

I love my tattoo. It's simple, but meaningful. Sometimes it seems huge on me and other times, it looks so small. I'm so happy I got it and it's true what they say about getting a tattoo: once you get one, you want another one. And another. And another. I haven't gotten anymore yet, but I'm certainly thinking about my next one! Will it be another HP tattoo? Who knows?

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