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My Attempt at Watching All 8 Harry Potter Films in One Day!

It's been about two weeks since I've returned from Orlando, where I spent three glorious days at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and I'm feeling the withdrawals. I miss being in a world that I've read about and then I finally got to see in the movies. I miss the shops, the rides that try with all their might to capture the essence of the series, the over priced souvenirs that let you take back a bit of the Wizarding World. Basically, I miss the magic of stepping into a theme park based on my obsession with a book and movie series.

And because I was missing Harry and the gang so much, I decided to do something I've heard about but have never attempted: watch all eight Harry Potter movies in one day.

Apparently ABC Family does a Harry Potter movie marathon on it's channel, but I've never watched it, considering I have all eight movies on DVD/Blu-ray (fun fact for you: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone was the first DVD I ever bought) and why would I want to watch movies on TV where you know they're going to show the edited for time versions of the films and also commercials, hello?

So Sunday, the 12th of October, when I was all alone at home for the entire day, I decided to try and watch all eight Harry Potter movies, one right after the other. My rules? They must always be on. If one ends, take out the disc and put in the next one. Also, minimize any distractions. If someone calls, talk to them but make it quick. Same goes with random chores (such as attempt to give my cat her medicine twice a day. Emphasis on the world "attempt"). The total running time I was looking forward to by watching all eight movies: 19.6 hours. Can it be done? We'll see.

If this isn't dedication, then I don't know what is.

Sunday, October 12, 2014
9:10am- Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Status: Feeling good, ready to go to Hogwarts

*That magical moment when the movie starts and so does the theme. Chills! Every. Single. Time. It reminds me of seeing it in the theaters for the first time. I officially saw it in theaters eight times. Eight! And there are eight movies! It's destiny.
*Yay! Dumbledore, version 1, has appeared, along with my girl Minerva McGonagall and everyone's favorite, Hagrid. My heart is bursting with happiness.
*Geez, the Dursleys suck. They give Muggles a bad name.
*"Yer a wizard, Harry." No truer words have been spoken and the eleven year old in each of us mourns the fact that Hagrid will never tell us that.
*I love Diagon Alley. I have just now figured out it's based on the world "diagonally." I've loved HP for 10+ years and I've just now realized this??
*Oooh, Harry's at Ollivander's. Should I get my wand out and pretend my wand chose me? Too nerdy? Probably.
*We just met the Weasleys! My favorite wizarding and red-haired family. Minus Percy, duh. Love that Ginny only has one line: "good luck!" We all knew we'll see way more of her in the future movies.
*Through the platform and onto the Hogwarts Express! Seeing Harry, Ron, and Hermione all together and so young is making me feel bittersweet. Their voices were so high and sounded like they were upper-crust British chipmunks.
*The first years' boat ride to Hogwarts always gives me goosebumps. That combined with the music and the amazing first view of the castle is awesome.
*Ugh, Malfoy. Why would an 11 year old need so much hair gel? Do wizards use hair gel?
*The Great Hall is so breathtaking. I wish candle really could float and ceilings could mimic the sky. It would brighten up any crummy apartment.
*(In a Kanye West impression) Dawn French is still the best Fat Lady of all time!
*Poor Neville. It's okay though, we know he turns into a total babe. God bless puberty.
*Oh, Snape. You baddie but goodie. We love to hate you and we hate to love you. That's a lie. We love to love you.
*The Wingardium Leviosa part was always my favorite. I pretty much knew it by heart and would entertain (aka annoy) my family by performing it as a one woman show, with me playing all of the parts. "It's LeviOsa, not LeviosA!"
*"Troll in the dungeon!" Never go to the bathroom alone, girls.
*Awww. Harry, Ron, and Hermione are now BWFF (Best Wizard Friends Forever)! Knocking out a mountain troll together will do that to you.
*I'm not into sports but if Quidditch were real I'd probably be totally up for being a Seeker or a Keeper. Being a Chaser or a Beater sounds like waaay too much intense work.
*Oh, Christmas time at Hogwarts! As if Hogwarts wasn't magical enough.
*Did it bother anyone else that they only refer to Mrs. Norris as "Filch's cat?"
*I wonder what I would see in the Mirror of Erised? Me at Hogwarts? (sob) No, but seriously, Harry seeing himself and his parents in the mirror tugs at my heartstrings.
*Norbert the dragon should have been in more of the movie. In the book, Hagrid's devotion to baby Norbert was cute bordering on crazy.
*Random thought: Malfoy is the original Joffrey. Let's all be thankful that Malfoy was never in power.
*Uh oh, Harry's scar hurts. So it begins.
*Centaurs! (Dead) unicorns! Silvery blood being consumed by a dark, cloaked figure!
*I think A Very Potter Musical perfectly illustrated what it was like to have Lord Voldemort live on the back of your head: romantic feelings ensue.
*Quirrell's dead, Voldemort has left the building and Harry saved the stone and Dumbledore in turn saved Harry. Yay!
*Hurray, the Gryffindors won the House Cup thanks to Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville! Boy, is Malfoy pissed. His father is going to hear about this.
*Back to the dumb Dursley's but thankfully I'm going to straight to the next movie.

11:35am- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets
Status: Still feeling good, but am now wondering if I should have started the movies earlier

*Ooh, the theme music begins. Another year at Hogwarts awaits!
*At least Harry has his own room now. He's not stuck in the cupboard anymore. Though that location is now iconic.
*12 year old Harry's voice got deep! It's a wonder what a summer can do.
*The cake or pudding or whatever Aunt Petunia made for the now disastrous dinner looks delicious.
*Dobby! Annoying but sweet. Always trying to protect Harry in the worst possible way.
*And plop! goes the cakes. Thanks for that, Dobby.
*Ron, Fred, and George rescue Harry from the Dursley's in the flying Ford Anglia. Uncle Vernon falling in the bushes is most satisfying.
*If I were to ever own a house I want it be exactly like the Weasley's Burrow. I don't want a ghoul in the attic, though.
*Molly Weasley is a boss. Arthur Weasley is just hilarious. A true wizarding power couple.
*Floo Powder power! (AVPM reference)
*Those Malfoy's are up to something... Besides being awful human beings.
*I'm not going to lie, I love Gilderoy Lockhart. I just love to hate him. So cocky, so arrogant. So stupid. Also, his book titles are brilliant. Alliterations for the win.
*Samesies with the Whomping Willow. Not that I hate it, the alliterations things.
*Snape's on a rampage. What else is new? Any excuse to hate Harry.
*Colin Creevey is the human version of Dobby.
*I thought the Mandrakes were so fun. Cute in an ugly baby/plant kind of way. Again, poor Neville.
*I feel incredibly lucky that Howlers are not real.
*I also feel lucky that my wand has never back-fired and I've never puked up slugs.
*Anything written in blood should be considered a warning. Poor Mrs. Norris. At least they actually called her by her name.
*The part where Lockhart tries to fix Harry's arm and makes his bones disappear never fails to make me laugh. Harry's floppy arm is disgustingly hilarious.
*I think we're all Moaning Myrtle deep down. I'd never be able to use that bathroom, though.
*You can totally tell Fawkes the phoenix has Dumbledore wrapped around his finger. Er, talon?
*I don't blame Crabbe and Goyle for eating those cupcakes. If I saw floating cupcakes, I'd probably eat it too.
*I keep wondering exactly how digusting Polyjuice Potion tastes. I'm glad I'll never find out. But I don't now what Hermione was freaking out about, I think it'd be fun to be a cat person. Literally. I'd pretty much win the internet.
*Never trust a diary that writes you back.
*Ron's worst fear: spiders. Harry: "Let's follow the spiders!" Ron in the most loyal friend ever.
*It's called the Forbidden Forest for a reason. (Besides the alliteration, of course)
*Lockhart just showed his true colors. I still find him highly amusing.
*It's no surprise that the entrance to a evil chamber is through a girls' bathroom. No one willingly would ever hang out in the boys' bathroom.
*Tom Riddle revealed his name aka the most fabulous anagram ever. I highly doubt my name could be turned into something as epic as "I am Lord Voldemort".
*Maybe JK Rowling used the diary as a way to symbolize the fact that words, in fact, do have power. Whoa. Deep.
*Ginny was so helpless in the book/movie so it's fun knowing how her character goes from scared little girl to kickass young woman.
*A sock! A sock for Dobby! He's a free elf! Sucks to be you, Mr. Malfoy. You're out a house elf. And one very dirty pillowcase toga.
*And Hagrid's back. Hogwarts is back to the way it should be.

2:10pm- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Status: Third movie? Piece of cake. I can totally finish the whole series. My legs aren't falling asleep at all.

*I'm a little bothered by my full screen DVD format for Prisoner of Azkaban. I didn't have a flat screen when I bought the DVD years ago! Curse you, past Emily!
*As if the Dursley's couldn't get any worse, Vernon has Marge for a sister
*The Aunt Marge scene where she blows up and floats away may be the best sequence in cinematic history. Okay, how about one of the funniest?
*Harry gets to spend the rest of his summer in Diagon Alley and gets off scot-free for blowing up his aunt just because Sirius Black is after him but Harry doesn't know that yet? Score.
*It's the start of Ron and Hermione's tiffs about Crookshanks vs. Scabbers. You can cut the sexual tension with a knife.
*Chocolate is the perfect remedy to feeling better after encountering a dementor. Actually, chocolate is the perfect remedy to every terrible (or happy) experience
*Thanks to the movies, we now know that Hogwarts has a choir, which includes giant frogs ribbiting in accompaniment
*RIP Richard Harris, but I like Michael Gambon's Dumbledore interpretation better. He has that twinkle in his eyes like I always imagined Dumbledore to have
*Dawn French as the Fat Lady= perfection
*Draco Malfoy disrespected Buckbeak the Hippogriff. Malfoy totally deserved it but we're all just thankful he stopped using hair gel
*What would my boggart materialize as? I hope it would be Snape in Neville's grandmother's clothes. It's not my fear, I just really love that visual
*Another thing I wonder: what would my Patronus take shape as? (Though this applies to Order of the Phoenix but I'm putting it here since it I'm going in chronological order of my train of thought) A kind of feline, I'm guessing. Or possibly a kiwi bird
*Hermione's got a bit of a right hook. Maybe she missed her calling as a Beater
*Was anyone else freaked out by Lupin as a werewolf? I'll never get used to any kind of half man half beast walking on their hind legs. I also don't do well with talking animals (minus animated movies)
*Are we all just ignoring the fact that Peter Pettigrew as Scabbers slept in Ron's bed for year? Ron's going to need some therapy after that information
*Harry just freaking nailed his Patronus! Prongs, indeed. Slay, Harry, slaaaay!
*I want to rescue someone and then fly away on a Hippogriff
*Lupin is and most likely always will be the best Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher
*The best way to end a movie? Getting a kickass new broom from your newly discovered godfather

4:20pm- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Status: I'm starting to feel a little tired from staring at the TV for so long.

*Dammit, past Emily, why did you have to get another full screen version of a movie? If only I could have warned my younger self. Hermione's Time Turner would have come in handy back then (Prisoner of Azkaban throwback!)
*Poor Frank the Muggle. He kinda just walked into that one right away
*Uh oh. Harry's scar is hurting again. Trouble's brewing
*Why on earth was Cedric Diggory in a tree when we're first introduced to him? He just jumps down from the tree and it's never explained. Do Hufflepuffs like being in trees? That Pattinson kid just can't seem to stay out of trees.
*Okay, if all tents were huge inside and had a kitchen and bathroom included, I would totally be up for camping
*Ew, the group just had to run into the Malfoy's at the Quidditch World Cup. Way to put a damper on a good time
*Was anyone else sad when they didn't include anything about veelas in the Goblet of Fire? I kinda wanted to see all the men act like fools when they were around
*Also, they totally skipped over the Weasley's arriving by Floo Powder (Floo powder power! Floo powder power!) in the Dursley's chimney to take Harry to the Quidditch World Cup. The sight of Dudley's tongue swelling up would have been quite amusing. And totally called for.
*Death Eaters are crazy scary. Those masks. Erlack.
*I have to admit, the Dark Mark in the sky is pretty bitchin'. Voldemort had a keen eye for design.
*Is this seriously the year where none of the male characters got their hair cut? I feel like they were trying to set the movie during the 70's.
*Ooooooh Harry just ran into Cho Chang on the Hogwarts Express. I forgot that this was the movie where everyone's hormones finally emerge.
*Now the party don't start till Mad-Eye Moody walks in
*And then traumatizes the students by showing them the three Unforgivable curses on a spider
*We have our Triwizard victors! Oh, and Harry too because he always has to be in some sort of danger. That's just a given now. Harry acts all surprised like: "Meeee??? I know Voldemort tried to kill me but who else would ever want to do such a thiiiiing???"
*Dammit, Harry! Why can't you just be unassuming for one movie??
*Ron and Harry are no longer BWFF (Best Wizard Friends Forever). The feels are real. Friendship is dead
*Rita freakin' Skeeter has made her entrance. Ruthless, but you have to admire the woman's moxie
*Malfoy, the amazing bouncing ferret. I'm not sure he deserved such a punishment- the guy did stop using hair gel
*Harry defeats the dragon and gets the golden egg! Harry and Ron's friendship is restored! Friendship is not dead!
* Harry makes a fool of himself in front of Cho. This seems to be a theme
*Ron's dress robes are truly, remarkably ugly
*Hermione's Yule Ball dress is pretty...and yet kind of strange. I can't quite put my finger on it. Maybe wizards have their own fancy dress styles. Her dress was ombre before ombre was in.
*Like all dances, the Yule Ball ended in tears
*I dream of one day designing a bathroom like the prefects' one, with a giant tub where all the spouts pour out different bubble bath solutions. It seriously was one of my favorite parts in the books/movies. (sigh) One day
*Harry got second place for showing strong moral fiber aka foolishly thinking that the people they had to rescue might actually drown and die. Worry much, Harry?
*Third challenge was the boring maze where "it changes you" (That's so helpful, Dumbledore) and the walls just end up moving and you feel paranoid that your fellow victors are trying to kill you. I was disappointed that they didn't actually have any of the magical creatures in it as obstacles. I was kinda stoked to see the sphynx. Oh well. They didn't consult me, now did they?
*Ooh now it's Harry vs. Cedric, Gryffindor vs. Hufflepuff, Hogwarts vs. Hogwarts. All Kramer vs. Kramer was about was divorce and child custody
*Bye bye, Cedric. Rest in peace (Spoiler????)
*He's baaaaaaaack!! Voldemort rises again. Plus he's got some nice almond shaped nails
*Mad-Eye wasn't really Mad-Eye, he was Barty Crouch Jr. The real shock of the movie is HOW WAS WINKY THE HOUSE ELF NOT INCLUDED???? Her Butterbeer addiction would have been both hilarious and extremely depressing
*A somber end with a goodbye to Cedric.

6:46pm- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Status: I am seriously tired from all of these magical adventures. Also, I have a headache and feel a little loopy. It's taking my everything to pay attention and not to drift. Keep watching, Emily...

*The main titles have gotten even darker. Things in the Wizarding world aren't so great right now.
*Hurray! Everyone got haircuts!
*Dementors attacking Harry and Dudley but Harry gets the blame even though he saved them? Thanks a lot, corrupt Ministry of Magic
*Harry has a little bit of an anger issue in this one, doesn't he? Dear Tom Riddle's diary, my teenage wizard angst has a body count (sorry, Cedric)
*But thankfully to balance that out we get two of everyone's favorite supporting characters, (Nymphadora) Tonks and Luna Lovegood.
*Plus we get the newly refounded Order of the Phoenix. Secret headquarters in Sirius's childhood home
*Ew, Dolores Umbridge. The debate is still out who's more evil: Umbridge or Voldemort. The only good part about Umbridge is her obsession with cute cats. I understand that obsession completely.
*"I must not tell lies." It kind of unnerves me when I see pictures of people who actually have that tattooed on the backs of their hands. I love everything Potter, but that? Just plain weird.
*And so begins the reign of Dolores Umbridge. Rules after rules after rules.
*McGonagall to Trelawney's rescue? Amazing. Dumbledore effortlessly showing Umbridge her place? Priceless
*The DA has been organized and then start meeting in the Room of Requirement, which becomes the place you need when you're in that area. If I were at Hogwarts and feeling sad and happened to walk past that stretch of wall, I think the room that would appear would be one filled with kittens, shelves of books, and a big candy bowl full of Reese's peanut butter cups, Snickers, and M&M's.
*Oooh, Harry's first kiss! But it was weird because Cho started crying because she felt like she was betraying Cedric. Cho is the stereotypical romantically confused teenage girl who just can't decide which guy she wants- even though now one of the guys she still likes is dead. Choose, girl!
*Harry can see into Voldemort's eyes and vice versa. That's not good.
*Bellatrix Lestrange. Hisssssss!

And that's where I stopped making notes and just watched the rest of the movie in a dazed state and could barely notice that Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny, and Neville flew to the Ministry of Magic on thestrals where they attempted to rescue Sirius who Harry saw being tortured by Voldemort but instead found out that Voldemort did that on purpose and Sirius really wasn't there but Death Eaters were and they wanted the prophecy, the Order of the Phoenix appeared, a battle ensued, Sirius passed through the veil and then later there was a showdown between Voldemort and Dumbledore. I watched it all but didn't quite take a lot in, if that makes any sort of sense. Around twelve hours of watching movies will do that to you.

Alright, so I ended up not being able to watch all eight Harry Potter movies in one day. I got to the end of Order of the Phoenix and thought, "I've watched five movies, which adds up to just about twelve hours of nothing but Harry Potter and his adventures with a fun and crazy cast of human characters and magical creatures, and good versus evil. I think I'm done for today." I made an incredibly valiant attempt to finish all eight movies, but if I had continued, I think I wouldn't have been lucid for the last three movies, and that's when the actions gets even more intense and exciting.

That said, if it were possible for me to be up for 19.6 hours without becoming delirious with exhaustion from staring at a screen for hours on end, I truly would have finished the series and would have enjoyed the process of watching the young cast of characters growing up to be the strong wizards and witches fighting for what is right. In my heart, I feel like I definitely went on part of that journey with the characters, and for that I will check this thing off my bucket list (with an added note saying I only made it to the fifth movie). I am looking forward to finishing the last three movies, but I'll most likely just watch one at a time so I can fully appreciate the final installments of this fantastic series. HP forever!


Question: Has anyone else attempted to watch all eight movies in one day? Did you actually finish all of them? How did you stay awake? More importantly, how did you feel afterwards??
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