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Cookies Baked in the Car- Best Air Freshener EVER!

Did you miss me?

I know, it's been quite some time since I've lasted posted on this blog. About 20 days, I believe. But let me remind you readers that I said in my last post that I've been planning some fun adventures for this year and I've been working on those plans. And since most adventures cost money, I've been working on saving a LOT so that when I'm actually in- I'm not going to say where, since that is classified information, so you'll just have to wait till I post about it!- I can live it up. Ugh, being a grown up and not spending all your money is hard.

But today I have checked another thing off of my bucket list! Today, on a very hot Arizona day, I have successfully baked cookies on the dashboard of a car. Okay, technically, I'm not sure they were completely baked, but about as baked as cookies baked on the dashboard of a car can be. The high today was 113 degrees, and I'm not sure it hit that high, but it was at least 111 for most of the afternoon. Still freaking hot and nauseating.

I originally saw this idea on- you guessed it- Pinterest. And I was flummoxed that I had never thought of this before! They always joke that it's so hot out that you can fry an egg on the sidewalk (I believe some Arizonians attempted that at some point, but as I don't really like fried eggs I don't particularly care. Scrambled, on the other hand...), so why not bake cookies in a parked car, which we all know the inside can get to extremely high temperatures? (Which is why you should never ever leave your children or pets in a car on a very hot day. Or any day really. This has been an Emily's Bucket List Blog PSA)

So first I did my research. I found a few very helpful websites which I heavily relied on when I was preparing and then baking my cookies. So for that, I am eternally grateful for their words of wisdom and their multiple, time lapse pictures, so I knew what my cookies should like. (Which I referenced often.)

After checking the weather and making sure that today would be a scorcher (it was) and I had moved the car to a sunny spot (and taking almost everything out of the car), I made my cookie dough and put it in the fridge. All of the other recipes said to use pre-made cookie dough but the mix was cheaper so.... obviously I went with the mix! I'm trying to save my money for the extra big trip I have later this year. Priorities!

A half of an hour later, I took out my cookie dough and got out my supplies. A baking sheet, parchment paper, spatula, oven mitts, a towel, a cookie rack, and a cookie scoop. I'm ready!

Soon the cookies were on the baking sheet and I had put the cookies (and the towel to put underneath the baking sheet) in the car. It has begun.

According to one of the websites I checked, the prime time to bake cookies in your car is between 1pm and 5pm (no duh). I started at 1:26 in the afternoon at around 108 degrees (the temperature upped to 111 later). I check the cookies every 15 minutes and then later on, every 20 or 30 minutes.

They baked pretty well. They spread very early on and a little before it hit the 2 hours that they'd been in, I could tell that they were starting to firm up.

I ended up opening the car door to check the bottoms of the cookies (even though the instructions insisted to always keep the car doors and windows closed to keep the hot air in) and the tops looked and felt done (nice and firm), but the bottoms were still a little spongy. I waited another half an hour but by that time the sky was now partly cloudy and there wasn't as much direct sunlight. Finally, I gave in. I put on my oven mitts and took my cookies out of the car. It was now time to take them inside and to taste my grand experiment.

The result? After 2 hours and 22 minutes in the car, they were actually pretty good. They were not full, soft, and chewy like a cookie baked in the oven would be. These were crispy on top and a little doughy on the bottom, but the combination of those two textures made it a surprisingly pleasant eating experience.

Here's the question: would I ever do this again? Maybe. If I were to try this again, I know what I'd do the same and differently (chill cookie dough more, park in a better spot, make sure it doesn't get cloudy). Car baked cookies are definitely not going to take the place of oven baked cookies, but on an incredibly hot day such as today, turning on your oven in an already hot house is one of the worst things you can do. So if it's summertime and I want to make a dessert, I always know that I have the hot car as an oven replacement. Plus, I think kids would love to do this on a hot summer day when they are stuck at home.

Another things checked off of my bucket list and now I have dessert to boot!

Let me know if you've tried to bake cookies in a car on a hot day!

xoxo Emily