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My name is Emily! That's me in the picture below. I'm the one wearing glasses. (And the only one in that selfie)

 In case you were wondering, I'm a twenty-something (more late late twenties, actually. Ahem...) girl (or am I now a woman now that I'm "old"? Ugh, I hate aging) who loves to read, cuddle with her cat and all cats in general (seriously, any cat I meet gets cuddled, whether they want to or not), Halloween, ghost stories and movies, and dreams of living in England but knows that will probably never happen, but hey, a girl can dream, right?

It also seems like you've stumbled onto my blog, That Weird Girl Life. You may be thinking, "what kind of blog is That Weird Girl Life?" Well, let me explain!

I first started this blog as a way to document me crossing things off of my bucket list. While I did accomplish some things on my list and was able to cross them off, I soon lost interest in keeping up with my blog. A year or so later (it was quite a while!), I decided to start blogging again, and to shift focus into making the blog more weird aka more me.

I'm weird. There's no doubt about that. I've been called weird all my life. I used to take it personally, because whenever anyone called me "weird," I knew it automatically translated to "different." But what's wrong with being "weird?" Absolutely nothing! As I've grown older, I've learned to accept my differences and celebrate them. And that's why I'm trying to make my blog just as weird and fun as I can be! (You know, when I'm not in a bad mood, hangry or tired. Because it happens) Which means that I've decided to write about things and experience things that I love and I think that other "weird" girls (or boys. Whomever, really!) can relate to and find amusing. Basically, this blog is just me living that weird girl life! (See, it all ties together!)

So what can you expect from this weird blog? These three main things:

Books: I love to read books and another thing I love just as much as books is to share those said books with other people. So if reading book reviews, book recommendations, or book lists are something you like, then get ready, because I love to discuss and suggest all things bookish! (Disclaimer: I love making lists. So much so that if I got a job offer from Buzzfeed to exclusively write lists, I would take it in a heartbeat. Just be prepared for a lot of lists on this blog!)

Adventures: I'm still trying to cross things off my bucket list, but I've also added an "adventure" element to that original idea, where I'll write about my travels and experiences, either local or abroad, small or big! Whether it's jet-setting or just trying a new culinary treat, I'm eager to experience it and document it! (Also, be prepared for me to talk about the food I ate. Especially the sweets and baked goods. I love anything sweet and chocolately. Man, I really love chocolate.)

Life: As an introvert, I'm obviously very quiet and private, but I want to start being more open and share my thoughts, opinions, and past experiences (and current experiences! Pretty much all experiences). So in this section I will be discussing my battles with mental health, write some life advice (hopefully in a fun, quirky way), and my honest opinions on a variety of different subjects. This may sometimes be the serious-ish section of the blog, but it will definitely have it's light-hearted and funny moments, too! Don't worry. (I know you were suuuuper worried, right?)

If you're ready to live that weird girl life and think you're up for reading my rambley/run-on sentence writing and lots of mentions of the paranormal/demonic/Harry Potter (2 of those things are related, the other, not really. I just love all three), and pretty awful pictures that I took (I'm a terrible photographer. There, I warned you, so don't blame me for the sub-par pictures! You know you're only hear for my witty banter and oddness!) then That Weird Girl Life is right up your alley! Come join me as I live that weird life and let's celebrate being different and awesome! (And lots of comments in parenthesis. It's a bad habit, I apologize)


PS. Oh, and since I mentioned that I had a cat earlier, I'm assuming you wanted to see a picture of it, right? Obviously! This is my cat Harriet. She's 12 years old, a mixed breed (I think part calico and Siamese?) and incredibly shy. She has adopted me as her own and I love her to bits. Isn't she cute?

Thanks for understanding my inner cat mom. You can go back to your very important lives now! ♥

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