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[ANNOUNCEMENT] Introducing My New Blog Name!

Welcome to my newly re-branded blog, That Weird Girl Life

While my blog and its contents will stay the same (focusing on books, travels, adventures, new life experiences, etc), I thought it was about time I embraced my inner weirdo.

We're all weird. There's no question about that. And usually being labeled weird is a bad thing. You have no ideas how many times I've been called weird and I've taken it offensively:

"You like the movie Matilda* and you want to watch old movies like Bye Bye Birdie**? Emily, why are you so weird?"


Me: "My favorite holiday is Halloween!"

Rude person: [rolls eyes and says in a sarcastic way] "Of course it is."***

*First of all, Matilda is the perfect example of an extraordinary (aka weird) smart girl with telekinetic powers in a world where rude (aka "normal") people shame her for being smart (aka different). So that person just made me identify with Matilda even more and I now think of my foes as Ms. Trunchbulls. Which is not a bad analogy to have in life, to be honest.

**And Bye Bye Birdie is a very underrated 60's musical and I am a much better for having viewed it at least a couple of dozen times in my lifetime. And Ann-Margaret is everything.

***Also, how is liking Halloween a bad thing? Everyone likes Halloween!

And that's not even mentioning the weird looks and comments I get from my own family about my strange interests (ghosts, demons, hauntings, true crime, you know, the usual). Though I always interpret that as a loving confusion as we shake our heads smiling, wondering how such different people got shoved into one family and are now forced to live and interact with each other for the rest of our lives. (We love each other, don't worry!)

You can see why I've always seemed to take it quite personally, when it's thrown at me in a rude or sarcastic manner. But now, you know what? I'm embracing my inner weirdo. Because I am a weird person. And I'm proud of it. I like collecting old antique photographs. I like creepy harlequin dolls and Venetian masks. Do I sometimes consider buying a "haunted" doll from Ebay? I don't know, maybe on occasion. Because I'm weird.

And that's totally fine. I've come to terms with it and I've embraced it. I hope one day being called "weird" will be a compliment. Which in a roundabout way is my way of explaining why I'm re-branding my blog. Yes, I will still be reviewing/featuring books. But they may be a little varied. Maybe they'll be about some of the things I'm more interested in (ghost stories! ghost stories! ghost stories! Okay, maybe not all of the books will be about ghosts, but I can already promise a fair amount will be about the paranormal)

When I travel, I want to visit creepy or haunted places, along with all of the normal tourist attractions (landmarks, amusement parks, museums!). This blog is still going to be me and all of my adventures, but with more of my weird life thrown in. Which honestly, should make it way more interesting.

A lot like a Russion nesting dolls (another thing I collect!), you'll see several different facets of my weirdness, each one unique and strange and great. None of us are defined by one interest or quality but by many special qualities hobbies or passions. Find yours and come along on the 2.0 version of my blog! Embrace your inner weirdo and let's have a weird old time!

Keep checking back for updates and maybe even some new features will be up on the blog! You never know :)

See you soon, fellow weirdos!

-That Weird Girl Emily
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