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[Announcement] Introducing....

My brand new book reviews and features:


That's right, I'm kind of a book blogger now! I wanted to expand my blog in a few different directions, aside from my adventures and travels (which can cost a lot of money, so I'm forever saving) and as an avid reader, this seemed like a perfect option. I was also majorly influenced by Emma Watson's decision to take a year's long break from acting to further educate herself on feminism and other things she's interested in. AND to read a book a week. I mean...girl is living the dream!

While I can only hope to read a book a week... but back to my blog, there are some things I may be doing that are a little...offbeat compared to other book blogs out there.

Let me explain: the books I read are all over the place. Sometimes I'm in a horror mood; other times I may be in the mood to travel back in time with some historical fiction; other times, I may just wanted to read a sappy autobiography of a celebrity or a shocking true crime expose. So basically, not everything I will be reading will be current. Some will be, yes, but not everything. (But don't you worry, all you YA book lovers- I WILL be reviewing YA books. Even at 27 years old, I still love me a good YA book)

Which is not to say that I wouldn't turn down an opportunity to review a book that's just about to be released (hi there, all you authors that would like your soon-to-be published book reviewed! Hit me up!)

I'm going to review and feature books that I'm genuinely interested in at the moment and that I'd love to share with the fellow bookworms out in the world. I want to share my interests and views about a book with the world and start a discussion, a conversation, or even a debate. So if you like (or didn't like) a book I've reviewed/recommended, let me know and let's talk about it! And if you've want to suggest a book to me, let me know about that too! I'm ready to connect with my fellow bibliophiles and find other bookworms interested in the same weird things that I am!

Are you ready to go on this book blogging adventure with me??? Let's get reading!

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